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Month: March 2022

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Enjoy a Botanical Paradise in the Middle of St Petersburg

Enjoy a Botanical Paradise in the Middle of St Petersburg

These days the words “inner city” usually conjures up images of decay and desolation, but in St Petersburg the inner city is graced with a tropical paradise. It is the Sunken Gardens, the city’s oldest museum and the home of the oldest tropical plants in the region. The Sunken Gardens is not only a nice place to stroll and enjoy the plants, it offers guided garden tours, horticultural workshops, special events, field trips and has become the venue for corporate and private events. Weddings are even held there.

The Sunken Gardens started out in 1903 when a St. Petersburg plumber, George Turner, purchased six acres and drained a lake using clay tiles. He then turned the rich soil into a garden that soon attracted neighbors and other visitors. Seeing this as an opportunity to make some extra cash he started charging five cents for admission. His family kept the operation going for three generations, improving the gardens and inviting visitors. Finally, in 1999 the City of St. Petersburg purchased the gardens and developed it as a prime cultural and educational center.

The site has a trail that covers one mile and it is full of tropical and sub-tropical plants. Almost all the plants have markers indicating the botanical name, the common name and their country of origin. In case you were wondering about the name, the gardens drop 15 feet below street level and hence it is called Sunken Gardens.

If you want more than a casual stroll through the gardens, then check out the calendar of horticultural workshops. You can learn how to grow orchids and roses in Florida, the basics of bonsai, pruning and propagating plants, and much more. Local residents can also take advantage of the volunteer opportunities at the Gardens. Become a “Garden Assistant” and help maintain the grounds or you can lead visitors on guided tours or work during the special events and workshops at the Sunken Gardens.

The Sunken Gardens is also a choice spot for corporate and private events in St. Petersburg. The Museum’s Garden Room, a 2600 square foot room that can seat 175 people and its smaller Classroom are suitable for all kinds of events. Private parties, seminars, luncheons and retreats are just some of the events that have been held here. The Museum’s central location amidst shopping, hotels, restaurants and other downtown facilities makes it a convenient location for special events.

If you ever dreamed of getting married in a fairy tale location, the Wedding Lawn of the Sunken Gardens is the kind of place that you are looking for. You can get married on the lawn or under a canopy of shade trees in the Oak Pavilion and then hold your reception in the Garden Room.

The normal opening hours of the Sunken Gardens are Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Sundays noon to 4:30 p.m. Admission is as follows: Adults $8, Seniors (55+) $6, Children (2-11) $4. There is free parking on the site and the whole area is handicapped accessible. Sunken Gardens is located at 1825 Fourth Street North, St. Petersburg. For more information call 727-551-3102.…

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Worldwide Resorts – Some of the Best Getaways

Worldwide Resorts – Some of the Best Getaways

There may be no better vacation, if you are looking for relaxation, than one you spend at a resort. Resort vacationing is not limited to the United States. There are world class resorts all over the world but you will need a passport to visit them. With all the online passport agencies available, it has become very easy to renew a U.S.passport online, get additional pages, or order your very first.

If you are planning a wedding or honeymoon, it may be helpful for you to know that changing the name on an American passport is simple and secure with the help of an online passport agency. You don’t need to worry about the rules and regulations as the passport agency will do all the work for you.

The island of Barbados is home to the beautiful Almond Beach Village and is considered to be one of the top resorts in the world. It is found in a lush natural setting on 32 acres of an 18th century sugar plantation. This Platinum Coast resort is a great place to take your family as it has a great child-friendly atmosphere. The “Kid’s Club” at this resort give parents an opportunity to insure the care and amusement of their children while they enjoy some time alone. Since it is surrounded by the crystal waters of the Caribbean, it is a perfect spot to enjoy snorkeling, diving or other water sports.

Moving on to Jamaica, the Golden Eye is another resort that is not only beautiful but has quite a history. It is the exact location where Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond series. The types of accommodations available here are diverse so it is easy to customize your vacation. If you are looking for romance, you may want a private villa on the lagoon but if you are vacationing with all your children, a seaside cottage might be exactly what you need. The Golden Eye can offer whatever you need for a relaxing vacation.

If you are look to get more in touch with nature, you may want to consider Majahuitas Resort. Located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this eco-friendly resort uses solar power to provide electricity to its villas. I you truly do want to get a way from it all, this might be the place for you as there are no phones, electrical outlets and no internet access. Candles light your evening meals and we can promise you won’t be disturbed by the sound of a cell phone. It takes a boat ride to get to Majahuitas Resort further insuring our seclusion.…

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Relaxing Holiday Vacations – Discover a New Type of Holiday

Relaxing Holiday Vacations – Discover a New Type of Holiday

Holidays don’t have to be about major tourist attractions, staying in over populated cities or visiting family and friends. Holidays are meant to be a relaxing time, a time to unwind and appreciate life what you have in it. Going back, to explore Mother Nature in her truest form will provide some of the best experiences for a tranquil holiday.

Natural can provide some of the most relaxing holidays on the planet, time to get away from the rat race and simply sit and appreciate the finer things in life. Experiencing nature which has hardly changed in hundreds of years can be quite a task in these modern times. Being able to visit environments which have remained relatively untouched by modern developments is something that has been said to “touch the soul” and can provide a new outlook for your life.

Yet with all the modern developments springing up around the globe, it may feel like it’s impossible as places like this don’t exist anymore. Well as amazing as it is, it is still possible to find a unique and tranquil location in certain protected areas around the planet.

Yellowstone Park in America is one of a protected list of natural locations, where you can still find nature holidays, to escape the normal, hectic everyday office routine and swap it for a slower more relaxing pace of life and take in the wonders of the untouched scenery and the old way of life.

As you would expect, finding places like Yellowstone, where you can book a holiday can be a real struggle. No government will allow holiday complex’s to be built on these unique and special locations, and very few travel operators will provide holidays due to the lack of accommodation. This leaves only a few options available, if you are going to be able to experience a unique and unspoiled holiday like this, first hand.

Renting a holiday home in the local area can be one of the best solutions both financially and for peace of mind. You are still able to get all of the creature comforts that you have grown to expect from a holiday, yet enjoy your trip, safe in the knowledge that you are not going to be staying in a overcrowded holiday park or have your experience spoiled by mass tourism, right outside your door step.

Sit back and take in the magic of unspoiled views will help to de-stress and create a feeling which cannot be found when taking any other type of holiday. An ore inspiring and uniquely relaxing holiday, in an untouched wonderland.…

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What Are the Most Common Types of Travel Visas Around the World?

What Are the Most Common Types of Travel Visas Around the World?

Visa Types:

Please make a note this is a broad overview of visa terminology. Each country may have a unique way of referring to a certain type of visa. Also, not all countries offer all types of visas. For example, a tourist visa is not offered to every country. If you are unsure of the type of visa you are applying please contact one of our representatives.

Business Visa: To engage in business meetings, negotiations, or attend business related conferences.

Tourist Visa: To take on or participate in recreational or leisure activities. This could be part of a cruise, tour group, or an on-site destination.

Transit Visa: When one is connecting to a different flight en route to your final destination. Generally it is designated by a short layover, but you will not be leaving the airport terminal. If you are, most likely you will need a tourist visa.

Employment Visa: To work in a foreign country and be paid in the foreign country by a company based there.

Residence Visa: To take up residence in a foreign country for an indefinite amount of time.

Student Visa: One who is engaging in studies abroad and will be returning back to their host country.

Commerce Visa: A unique visa used for individuals conducting business transactions, generally falls under business visas, but many of the Middle Eastern countries offer a commerce visa.

Family Visa or Private Stay Visit: Visiting a family member.

Official/Diplomatic: Conducting business on behalf of an official entity or the US government. These are special circumstances visas which will require the individual to submit either an official or diplomatic passport.

Government Visa: Invited by a foreign to conduct business, these have unique circumstances and are generally reserved for Middle Eastern countries.

Short Term Visa: To enjoy touristic activities for a maximum of 180 days. This mostly applies to European Union Countries.

Long Term Visa: To remain on a tourist visa for up to one year, this classification is reserved primarily for European Union Countries, and a few other unique countries.

Retirement Visa: Some people obtain this visa if they want to retire in certain countries. Countries which offer this type of visa are Indonesia, Philippines, Brazil, and few others.

Entertainment Visa: If you plan to be performer and entertainer on cruise ship or certain events, you may be asked to apply for this type of visa. Countries that offer this visa are Australia and Brazil to name a few.

Besides above mentioned visas, there are other types of visas with exotic names. For example, escort Visa which allows a man to accompany unmarried woman while she conducts Business trip in Saudi Arabia. I would love you to share with me what other names and types of visas you know. So, I could update my article.…

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US Passport Requirements For Taking a Cruise

US Passport Requirements For Taking a Cruise

In the economic times we are living in today, taking a cruise has become a very affordable way for a couple or a family to still be able to enjoy a vacation. Due to the growing popularity of a cruise, more people are questioning the travel requirements needed for U.S. Citizens.

Effective June 1, 2009, leniency has been allowed for U.S. Citizens taking a “closed-loop” cruise, where a U.S. passport will not be required to sail. A “closed-loop” cruise is defined as a sailing that originates and terminates in the same U.S. port.

Although a passport is not required for these “closed-loop” cruises, you will need proof of citizenship and a government-issued photo ID, such as an original or certified copy of a birth certificate and a driver’s license. If you are traveling with children, they will also be required to carry a birth certificate and a photo ID if over the age of 15.

However, if your cruise is scheduled to begin and end in different U.S. ports, or if it will begin and end in a foreign port, a valid passport or other recognized WHTI-compliant document is required. And note that a valid passport is required if you are traveling on any of the Europe cruises.

This new ruling will be great for a person taking a last minute cruise, and will not have the time to get a passport processed in time. But it is still highly recommended to cruise with a passport if possible. If for any reason you need to fly from the U.S. to a foreign port when missing your scheduled embarkation, or if you need to fly back to the U.S. midway through your cruise due to an emergency, this would not be possible without your passport.

Don’t misunderstand the leniency of the passport requirement with proof of citizenship. All people going on any cruise will still be required to show proof of citizenship in order to take a cruise. If you can’t present a valid document at check in, you will be denied boarding and no refund will be issued.

Investing in a U.S. passport is necessary, and certainly a wise investment for anyone wanting to see the world. But it is good to know that a person can still get away for a 3 day cruise, or even longer without one. Just be sure your cruise will qualify for the exception to the rule. Happy sailing!…