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Month: May 2022

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Try The Off-Road Communities of Currituck For Your Vacation

Try The Off-Road Communities of Currituck For Your Vacation

Have you longed for a vacation that was literally off the beaten path? When you think of getting away from it all – the phone, the TV, the news – you may be intrigued by the idea of a cabin in the mountains or a leisurely cruise. What if you prefer the beach, though, but not the thick crowds of people on the shore? Visitors who come to the Northern Outer Banks in Currituck County know where to book vacation homes, and you should know, too!

Drive up Route 12 along the Outer Banks toward Corolla, and you’ll marvel at the majestic vacation homes for rent throughout the year. Currituck County is a popular destination for reunions, beach weddings, and anybody planning a vacation with a large group from church, school, or just plain friends. What makes Currituck unique from the rest of the Outer Banks is that there are communities here reachable only by four-wheel drive access. If you truly want to hide out in a nice beach cottage or luxurious three-story home, shift gears and ride out on the sand to an unforgettable vacation.

Carova Beach, Swan Beach, and North Swan Beach are three off-road communities located north of Corolla. They border the lush, marsh areas of the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge and offer visitors and locals incredible views of the ocean. If your car or truck does not have four-wheel drive, be advised you will need to obtain use of such a vehicle if you plan to rent a home in these areas. You will negotiate beach sand to get to your vacation home, but once you’re there you may never want to leave.

The beach rentals here come equipped with all the amenities you need for a great vacation – decks and balconies, gourmet kitchens, wireless Internet, and some have pools and hot tubs. There are also a few businesses in the area – including photography services and catering – to help you make the most of your stay.

If you do decide to try Swan Beach or Carova Beach for the summer, be sure to have everything you need for an awesome vacation. With a kitchen at your disposal you can cook meals or have a caterer prepare food for you. You may be off-road, too, but you’re not far from Corolla and a number of great restaurants and stores offering snacks. Just mind how you dispose food, because the wild horses that populate the area may come around looking for a treat!

Carova Beach, Swan Beach, and North Swan Beach offer visitors the opportunity to get away from it all without charting a desert island. Come explore the opportunities for your next summer trip.…

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Italy Real Estate – Why Investors Are Flocking to Lake Iseo

Italy Real Estate – Why Investors Are Flocking to Lake Iseo

The better-known Lakes Como, Maggiore, Garda and Orta draw the international jetset. But growing numbers of property hunters who come to Northern Italy’s Lakes region have instead discovered the delights of the peaceful banks of Lake Iseo nearby, a name that barely registers outside Italy but one that is no less enchanting than Italy’s better known waters.

Lake Iseo features just as appealing properties, in particular if they have breathtaking views looking over the shore. But the difference is that they are far less pricy, often costing barely half of what you would face in Lake Garda, just over 30km away. Typically, around US$275,000 should get you a three-bedroom villa near the lake, while from just $135,000 you can purchase a lake-view apartment with a couple of bedrooms.

Additionally, a quartet of international airports are within a 55-mile radius – one in Brescia, one in Bergamo and two in Milan. One clear signal to the mounting attraction of this secret gem is evident in the growing number of cars with number plates from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany on Iseo’s charming lanes and roads in high season.

Stefania Russo of Italian property finders The Property Organiser said: “We’re telling our clients who are considering buying in bigger lakes such as Como and Maggiore to certainly consider Iseo. It’s an area that is relatively unknown, unspoilt by huge numbers of tourists and within good vicinity of a clutch of airports as well as neighbouring Switzerland. We believe the real estate market here will rise in the coming years.”

To buttress the point, property prices throughout Northern Italy’s lakes dropped by more than 4% – plunging by nearly 9% in some parts of Lake Maggiore, a study last year by a leading property in Italy conglomerate revealed. But Iseo was the best-performing lake, with a fall of under 2%. The lake, also called Sebino, is between Lakes Garda and Como and a few miles from Brescia and Bergamo. Milan is 80km away, or one hour by rail and 1hr 30mins driving.

It is Italy’s seventh biggest lake, some 24km by 5km, runs north to south and is overlooked by mountains. It is a relaxing spot for swimmers, divers, sailors, windsurfers, water-skiers and anglers. Iseo’s waters enclose the scenic Monte Isola, with around 2,000 inhabitants. The island, one of the lake’s chief attractions is linked to the shore by short ferry hops. Almost devoid of motor transport, the isle has an oasis-like calm and is perfect to be explored on foot or bicycle. The island is also known net-making industry, which started with fishing nets but later expanded to include hammocks and tennis and volleyball nets.

Returning to the lake’s shores, the most picturesque towns are on the eastern side, such as Iseo, Marone and Sulzano. Iseo has the greatest number of attractions, including an unfinished 900-year old church. The surrounding countryside is dotted with charming medieval buildings that can be found by walking, cycling or, even more leisurely, by horseriding. And in winter, Montecampione attracts hordes of amateur skiers. Consider, however, that with the Alps close by, a number of trekking and riding paths involve steep inclines.…

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Miami Beach Vacation Rentals: The Best Accommodation Options Within A World-Class City

Miami Beach Vacation Rentals: The Best Accommodation Options Within A World-Class City

Miami Beach vacation rentals are one of the best options available to people who are looking to experience what the dynamic city has to offer without having to spend too much on fancy hotels which offer the same boring, generic features that tourists have already seen elsewhere. If you are planning to spend time in the city of Miami Beach, you should definitely make vacation rentals your prime accommodation preference.

A World-Class City

The city of Miami Beach has easily become one of the most visited places within the United States today. The main reason behind this is because it offers people a unique opportunity to experience a world-class city that is set within a beach resort paradise along the Atlantic coast of South Florida.

It boasts of superb climate conditions, breath-taking sights and sounds, and a massive selection of options which are perfect for people from all around the world. Whether you are looking for the most exotic culinary options along Collins Avenue, the most happening party scenes in South Beach, or even the most sensational beach experiences across the island, the city will definitely be one of the best places that anyone can ever visit anywhere in the world.

Amenities & Services

When it comes to the subject of accommodation, hotels are no longer the number one option for people nowadays. The fact that people can expect to get first-class services and amazing amenities from today’s selection of Miami Beach vacation rentals makes the idea of staying at a hotel simply ridiculous, especially since vacation rentals prove to be significantly cheaper considering the great value that people can get in return.

You can look forward to amenities which include private swimming pools, health spas, exclusive beach access, and other outdoor facilities. Indoor facilities include overlooking terraces, complete kitchens, home theaters, entertainment systems, and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access.

Of course, privacy and security are among the top priorities when it comes to service, especially since most people spend most of their time exploring the city.

Convenient Locations

One of the great things about Miami Beach vacation rentals is that you can find them in just about any part of the city – the posh parts of the South of Fifth neighborhood, the oceanfront options along the famous Collins Avenue, near the La Gorce golf courses, or even in the less crowded North Beach area. All you need to do is pick a place and you are sure to find options right wherever it is that you want to be within the city.

If you want to find out more information about available vacation rentals within the city of Miami Beach, you should contact a professional real estate agent for details.…

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Kissimmee Vacation Homes Are Just Minutes From All of the Disney Magic

Kissimmee Vacation Homes Are Just Minutes From All of the Disney Magic

Kissimmee Florida is ideally situated just south of Orlando and is commonly regarded as one of the major gateways to the fun and excitement of Disney World and other nearby theme parks like Sea World Water Park and Universal Studios. Although most people travel here in order to visit any of the four Disney theme parks, there are also many other opportunities for adventure that visitors should look to maximize their vacation in Orlando. And to really make your Orlando vacation filled with fun and excitement while staying within your allotted travel budget, there are various Kissimmee vacation homes that you can choose from that will be able to meet accommodation requirements while offering you affordable rates inclusive of all the amenities and other travel perks you want with your travel package.

Even if you have already experienced the magical quintessence of Disney World, an excellent Kissimmee vacation package will allow you to have a fun filled holiday with easy access to the Cinderella Castle. The Magic Kingdom at Disney World attracts various visitors of all ages with a wide range of attractions including Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion ride. You can also have a great time at the five lands like the Tomorrow Land, Fantasy Land, Frontier Land, Adventure Land and Liberty Square, as far as possible during the day. You can also find Kissimmee Florida vacation packages that will provide you access to MGM Studios where you can be certain of being transported back into a new world and experience first hand how it is to be in the middle of a movie or television production. You can also have a Back Lot Tour for a rare glimpse of behind the scenes productions or watch the expert Disney animators work their magic as they bring your favorite characters into life.

Away from the parks, Kissimmee is a great starting point to enjoy the many freshwater lakes in this region. Climb aboard a boat ride on Lake Tohopekaliga to see birds, alligators, other wildlife, magnificent landscapes and a magnificent sunset with Native American stories about the constellations. If fishing is more your style, participate in wild shiner fishing in search of some of the most popular in the world with one of the many local guides.

To improve an adventure filled whole day out in Kissimmee; you can enjoy a charming family-oriented dinner in one of the Broadway style shows. There are so many things to make your stay in Orlando more interesting, particularly if you will make Kissimmee as your touring base. You can be able to enjoy all these perks with excellent Kissimmee Florida vacation packages which can surely turn your magical dream holiday into reality even if you are on a shoestring budget. There is no better way to enjoy all the attractions Orlando has to offer than to avail with any of the Kissimmee travel deals. Not only will you be able to make your vacation filled with all the fun and excitement you are expecting from your Orlando family vacation, but you can surely save a lot of money in the process.…

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Where Would You Like to Vacation?

Where Would You Like to Vacation?

Has the time arrived to purchase a vacation home? Where would you love to vacation? Lots of people are fortunate plenty of to have a vacation home, a place to go away on the weekends or spend time during the summer and holidays. There are tons of people who reside in the city but long for the weekend to run away to their cottage, to get faraway from the noise and fuss replacing it with peace and quiet. For individuals who’d like to visit their vacation home often, it would ought to be within driving distance of their apartment.

Many individuals buy vacation homes in the sunny south. If this vacation property is only used one or two times throughout the year, the individual might opt to purchase a timeshare. This would provide accommodations when the personal or the family took their vacation but wouldn’t require year-round maintenance. In the truth of a timeshare, a person would only pay for their vacation time. This is turning into a popular option for people acquiring vacation property.

Not everyone likes sunshine. There are individuals who prefer vacationing during the colder months of winter. It is these that are the people who love to ski, snowboard, to go snowmobiling and be concerned in other outdoor winter activities. A timeshare is a good idea for these individuals as well. Since these vacation spots will only be visited two people of times during the winter months, it wouldn’t be reasonable to buy a cottage that would be vacant for most of the year.

A person’s interests and hobbies will largely determine their vacation alternative. If a person is one who enjoys boating, waterskiing, swimming and fishing, they are likely to decide a vacation home near the waterfront. This would provide access to a wharf and obviously, the water. Dependent on the period of time spent at this vacation spot would determine whose property the person would invest in.

Finding a place to vacation is not an issue but it’s up to the personal or the household to choose one that best suits them. The assets market includes options for vacation homes such as cottages, condos and timeshares. Before investing in vacation real estate, it is imperative to decide the amount of time will be spent there. Finally, it would be pointless to buy an attractive cottage that is going to be used just once annually. In this case, possibly it would be smarter to put money into a timeshare.

Where would you love to vacation? If you’re a person who’s employed by the weekend, acquiring a vacation home is a great idea since you are aware of it will be used. If you are a person who saves their vacation energy for two weeks during the summer months or winter, a timeshare is doubtlessly an improved choice for you. Whichever type of vacation property you choose, there are land agents prepared to help you find the flawless spot for you and your family. Finding a genuine estate agent is as easy as flipping through the yellow pages in the local phone book or logging onto the web.…

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Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals

Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals

Breathe in the briny air, stroll the manicured beaches and enjoy the sense of community on Martha’s Vineyard. Just seven miles from the mainland of Massachusetts, this island filled with upscale homes and the worlds well-to-do is a retreat for those looking to find the best in a New England vacation. 87 square miles make up Martha’s Vineyard, and there are many rental homes, cabins and cottages from which to choose for your stay. Enjoy the sites, scents and sound of the harbor in a Greek revival home along the coast. Martha’s Vineyard rental homes, condos and cottages are the way to go if you plan on staying for a week on this gem of an island. All Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals come fully furnished, with complete kitchens and linen service.

As for location, there are six distinct beach resort towns from which to choose: Aquinnah, Chilmark, Edgartown and Chappaquiddick, Oak Bluff, Tisbury and West Tisbury. This won’t be an inexpensive venture; Martha’s Vineyard property value and cost of living are considerably higher than the national average. You will find however, that the Greek revival design, with origins more than a century in the making are well preserved, and the amenities and activities in the area suit the tastes of those with a larger pocketbook. You may choose a colonial style home, or a quaint cottage that carries with it the aroma of New England sea salt and the quaint lifestyle you desire. Amenities include high speed internet, private yards and beachfront views, gourmet kitchens and designer decor, private hot tubs and personal masseuses. Look to a reputable rental management company such as the ones listing on this site to help guide you right to that perfect rental home on Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s all like a picture post card here; waves crashing on the rocks, sunny beaches, yachts and sailboats cruise the harbors, fishing boats docking with their catch. You could really spend your entire vacation just soaking up the salty, friendly atmosphere. For a bit of adventure, bike or walk along numerous trails, stop watching and hop on one of those sailboats, or get yourself invited onto a yacht for some hob-knobbing. Enjoy a great meal at one of many fine dining establishments, especially in Edgartown or Aquinnah. Film festivals, lectures and theater are all abundant. Check out a farmer’s market, an art gallery and the wildlife refuge all in one day. Take a yoga class in the morning and dance the night away later on. Golf, tennis, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking and canoeing all make for a good time. For a special treat, allow yourself a go-around on the Flying Horse Carousels in Oak Bluffs. While Martha’s Vineyard is special on its own, make it a point to visit all the surrounding communities for a true sense of this New England gem. Make the most of it with a Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental home, cottage or condo and discover the real meaning of New England style and personality.…

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10 Tips in Choosing a Holiday Rental

10 Tips in Choosing a Holiday Rental

If you are looking for a holiday home where you can enjoy some quality time with the family but do not want to end up with a property with a leaking roof and old, smelly carpeting, read on and you might find the tips below useful:

1- Privately or company managed

When choosing a holiday rental, one of the choices you need to make is whether you will be renting from a company or a family or individual. Owner-managed properties will somehow make it more personalized and more budget-friendly. On the other side, company-managed holiday homes are pre-screened and usually come with a 24-hour support in case problems pop up.

2- Set your priorities

Be open to possibilities. When you check holiday rental websites, sort your search according to price, location, features, and other amenities. Also take note that the availability calendars might not be up to date so be sure to check with the owner or the company.

3- Multiple photos

Do not be satisfied with a picture of the exterior. Checkout multiple photos of the holiday home. Make sure you see how it looks like outside and how the property is setup inside. Beware of lenses that make the rooms bigger.

4- Be specific

Ask questions about the holiday rental or be sorry when you and your family get there. Get down to the specifics from sleeping arrangements, nearby establishments, or even kitchen gears. Know the details that you want to know before signing any contract so you still have the leverage.

5- Negotiate

There is always some room to get some discount especially in a struggling market. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can bargain for some discount or free services.

6- Reviews

Look for reviews of holiday rentals and see how the experience has been like for other renters. Be sure that you check out balanced reviews as some sites make glowing praises for properties and delete the negative posts.

7- Guarantees

You need to make sure that you can get refunds or at least guarantees when the vacation rental property ends up far from how it is described and promised to be. Make sure you can reimburse your money if the posting is illegitimate and worst, do not exist.

8- Contract

The responsibilities of the owner and the renter should be in black and white. Read the agreement thoroughly and ask for clarifications or amendments to the document if necessary. A detailed contract is a lot better and puts you on a much safer ground as a renter.

9- Payment options

When you are renting a property during your vacation, be careful with the payment options you will use. Arrange your rental closest to your vacation dates as possible so you can avoid paying for a foreclosed property.

10- Travel insurance

Rental properties do not work like hotels do. They do not have much of walk-in clients so their cancellation policies can be quite strict. Some do not allow refunds within a month or two from your date of arrival while some ask for upfront insurance fee to cover for any possible damage to their vacation home.…