4 Things to Consider When Buying a Home

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Home

Finding the ideal home can be a fun adventure, but it also has its challenges. Taking the time to find the right home with the right amenities at the right price will pay off in the long run. There are several elements to consider, and they are different for everyone. What is a must-have for one person might be a turn-off for another. Some future homeowners find prioritizing features in groups of most important to least important or must have versus nice to have versus something to avoid will help to make the house hunting process more manageable and enjoyable.


When looking at real estate for sale, most potential homebuyers seek out certain areas or neighborhoods. They may know someone who lives there or have perhaps fallen in love with a town they have driven through many times. If the homebuyers have local employment, they will want an easy commute to the office. For those retired or planning to use the real estate property as a vacation residence, that won’t matter. They will probably be looking at neighborhoods in terms of how close real estate properties are to the beach, the store, the airport or the nearest hospital.


A home’s size and layout are two more factors that sit high on many priority lists. Consider the number of floors needed. Those with physical limitations may be looking for something on one floor. Wheelchair or walker accessibility may mean the difference between buying a certain property for sale or not. On the other hand, a beautiful view from atop a second- or third-story window could be the deciding factor on buying a home. People with children will probably want some separation between the children’s rooms and the master bedroom. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms, type of kitchen and how much living space there is depends on the number of people in the household. This could change, so leaving room to grow is another factor.

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Part of the adventure in house hunting is finding the right amenities to fit in with all of the other must-have features. A pool, an eat-in kitchen and a garage are popular amenities not found in all real estate properties for sale. Balconies, patios and gated communities are options that some people absolutely cannot live with — or without — depending on their lifestyles and personal preference.


How the property will be used by the buyer is a critical piece to the puzzle. Whether it is a vacation home, an investment property for rental or a year-round residence may change the importance of some features and amenities. For rental properties in vacation and resort areas, proximity to the beach is very important. For residences, there is more emphasis on daily convenience and necessity.

When considering the importance of all of these factors, it is best for the future homebuyer to make a list of everything that matters and determine which items rank where on the list. Sharing this information with the real estate agent will make the search for the ideal home shorter and more productive.

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