Exotic Vacation Rentals

Travel is an adventure. In fact, that is why some us travel. Not for the relaxation, not for the change of scenery and routine, but purely for the adventures that await.

Working day to day can be extremely boring. All of us need an adrenalin rush from time to time. There are things you can do with your vacation time that have nothing to do with relaxation.

Today’s vacation getaways include mountain climbing, white-water rafting, sky-diving, bungee jumping, zip-line tours, hiking Machu Picchu, hot-air ballooning, dog sledding and sub-orbital space flights just to mention a few. Virgin Galactic is testing sub-orbital flights, so one day soon we can even vacation in space!

The baby boomers, healthier and more vigorous than retirees of past generations, are seeking vacation destinations that fit their active lifestyles. Countless travel sites on the Internet are catering to these boomers and capturing their share of this growing market.

In my opinion, a vacation can be considered exotic in terms of destination, exotic in terms of what you do when you arrive or exotic in terms of both destination and activities.

Vacation rentals offer exotic destinations and opportunities for exotic activities. Why not get the most bang for your buck by traveling to an exotic destination with opportunities for exotic activities?

Here are some examples. Sint Maarten is perhaps one of the most exotic Caribbean destinations and quite unique. Here’s why. Formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, it is now one of four constituent countries that comprise the Kingdom of the Netherlands. More accurately, half an island, with the other half (Saint-Martin) being a French overseas collectivity. The range of cultural influences that can be experienced in Sint Maarten are vast. Originally inhabited around 800AD by Arawak Indians from South America and then a later migration of Carib Indians, it has been ruled by a succession of countries, including Spain, England, France and of course, most recently, the Netherlands. English is the most commonly spoken language. Travel between the Dutch and French halves of the island is largely unrestricted and affords you the unique opportunity to make a side by side comparison of cultures. The cuisine is rich and varied with French, Spanish, Caribbean and Dutch influences. The beaches are magnificent and duty free shopping abounds. A fantastic selection of vacation rentals are available with a variety of price points.

Try Bolivia’s “Road of Death” for the penultimate adrenalin rush. The actual name of this one lane road is the Yungas road, so named because it traverses the Yungus forest on the eastern slope of the Bolivian Andes. This road claims the lives of up to 300 people annually. Unless you are an authentic adrenalin junkie, you might want to take a pass. This road offers some of the most spectacular views available anywhere on the globe. It’s 69 kilometers of heart-stopping thrills are rivaled by the panoramic views of the forested Bolivian Andes slopes, vertical canyons reaching depths of 800 meters and sheer drop offs that will leave you breathless. Built in 1936 by Paraguayan POW’s, it earned the “most dangerous road in the world” honors from the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995.…

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Florida Food Vacation for Your Tongue

To tourists who regularly go on vacation to different destinations, every vacation is an opportunity to taste different types of exotic foods and a different culinary experience. For those who are fond of different types of food, a food vacation is certainly an enjoyable option.

Good food is something that sustains you and provides your system the essential nutrients you need. This apart, food is also delicious to your palette, your senses of taste and smell. Exploring the variety of culinary tastes and the local food specialties is often part of a complete food vacation.

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival take place in February every year. This celebration continues throughout an entire weekend and some of the most famous chefs in the nation are present at this festival.

The Great Taste of the Grove Festival in Coconut Grove is an annual affair and held in the month of January. The festival has a whole array of fine dining restaurants featuring all genres of cuisine. The local restaurants offer a delicious and diverse culinary experience for festival goers.

At the Florida Strawberry Festival, you can positively delight your palette with all kinds of unique strawberry creations. You will have opportunity to taste strawberries. This festival takes place during March and offers a variety of food and provides great entertainment.

Florida’s Lions Seafood and Music Festival is the right place to taste some of the best and fresh seafood available in t Florida. You can stroll around the festival and dance to the sound of live music and avail the freshly prepared seafood.

If you are looking for the finest in culinary art, then check out the Boca Bacchanal in Boca Raton. This festival is known for the finest in food and wine and boasts some of the noted culinary chefs in the United States. It also presents internationally famous vintner from Italy, France, California, and South Africa. To enjoy some of the best food and wine in the world, go straight to Boca Raton.

Some festivals are held in one central location while others take participants to the area’s finest restaurants. For people planning a food vacation in Florida, the following calendar will be of great use.

Naples Winter Wine Festival and Food Network South Beach Food and Wine Festival during February,

Abilities Wine and Food Festival in March,

Tampa Bay and Sarasota’s Florida Winefest in April,

Tampa Bay Wine and Food Festival in May,

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival from September to November,

Safety Harbor Wine Festival and Colony Stone Crab Seafood and Wine Festival in November.

In addition to the annual food festivals, Florida has many other specialties to offer. Florida is a country known for its oranges. When you enter Florida from the north on one of the main roads, you will be welcomed with freshly squeezed orange juice in the Visitor Center at Highway.

Besides the oranges, you will find in abundance kumquat, papaya, kiwi and limes. These fruits are often used in fruit cocktails or offered as desserts in Florida. A specialty of Florida is the Key Lime Pie which are available everywhere in the Keys and at the Key Lime Pie Factory in Key West.

Of all the sea foods of Florida, a specialty is the seasonal stone crab claws which are available from October to April. In Florida, you can get the small meat and fried fish chunks with spicy sauce at almost all places. You can also get spare ribs or steaks in every style you want, also in some unusual styles. The locals recommend Cuban and Caribbean cuisine. These dishes are usually served with beef or chicken and cook fried bananas, black beans and rice.…

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Beating Winter Blues by Renting Tropical Vacation Homes

For countries that have four seasons, the cold season brings the desire for most people the ability to go somewhere and have a great time in tropical vacation homes. Asia has been one of the main targets for warmer climate seeking tourists like Bali, Bangkok, Malaysia, and many other warm climate countries like Mexico, Brazil, and other tropical destinations. These exotic places that have dense rain forests and year round sunny beaches attract a flux of seasonal and off season travelers from the Western countries. That is why many local tourism boards of these destinations have now put up their own accommodations to handle the touring population as much as they can.

If you would want to have one of those tropical vacation homes booked, then you can easily access their front desks using the Internet. Most of the owners of the rental properties of some popular destinations have already put up their websites featuring their rental units like condos, villas, apartments, rooms, cabins, and houses complete with description and amenities being offered. This can give you an idea what to expect from your rented unit and direct you with what to bring with you in your tropical paradise. Flights and tours are usually incorporated in vacation packages but it is best recommended to choose a vacation that can give you the freedom of exploring the tropical tourist spot at your own pace and preference.

Most tropical vacation homes have clear mapped instructions on how you can get there. These rental units have cooling systems like fans and air conditioning to help you adjust to the humid weather of the tropics. There are many amenities they can offer you like kitchen with appliances and equipment that you can use for your preferred menu with groceries that can be requested delivered to you. The rental units are spacious and comfortable with the warm weather just enough not to overwhelm you. The beds are big and comfortable to really relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of your hectic life in the cold seasons of your home country.

Many tropical vacation homes come with activities that they can offer you. For places that have sunny beaches, for example, they have water fun activities that you can engage in like para-sailing, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, and many other fun games you can enjoy with friends and family. Some sports enthusiasts make it a point to go to the tropics to sharpen their water sports talents during winter time in their country of origin. For vacation homes located near dense jungles or forests, day tours are usually encouraged like safaris in Africa. You get to know the diverse ecological flora and fauna of the tropics and be able to discover the local culture first hand as well. Many anthropologists take advantage of the wintry season back home to explore far places in the tropics for their research or studies.

Many Western countries might be wary of the political issues of the tropical country that they would want to rent tropical vacation homes. Check the real situation in the destination so you come prepared of the possible scenarios you can encounter and be up to date to the travel advisories of your local traveling board so you can be advised accordingly.…

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Have a Memorable Vacation Staying in a Holiday Cottage!

Yippee!! Its vacation time!! Everyone loves this part of the year where they can just relax and have fun. It’s fun time for all the kids while for adults its mere relaxation and little fun. For the entire busy mommy’s and ever active bread winners, vacation days will seem like heaven where they can spend ample time with their kids, spouse and friends. Vacations are always elating and anxiously awaited. Going out with family and friends for a vacation are some of the most valuable moments in life for anyone.

Among America’s many holiday destinations, one of the most popular one is Florida. Florida is considered as the “sunshine state” which has an amazing climate, especially the southern part of Florida has the typical tropical climate which attracts many tourists to this place during vacation time. So if you’re planning to make Florida your vacation destination, go for it and you will definitely have a blast. Provided you stay in a vacation rental. The major benefit of opting for a holiday rental is that, there are lots of facilities which you will be able to enjoy which is very difficult to find in a hotel. You get the feeling of being at home, home away from home feeling!!

The major advantage of staying in a vacation rental is that you will be able to enjoy a lot of amenities. In Florida there are loads of amazing luxurious villas where you will be spoilt for a choice. So go for the one which completely fulfills all your needs. The rentals here are really very spacious, where it can accommodate large number of people which will be really convenient to bring in your whole family and friends and have a bash.

The real delight of staying in a rental is that they are really very flexible and the choice they offer. When you stay in a holiday home, everything is in your hands where you can do whatever you want. They have a well furnished and loaded kitchen, where you can cook your own food apart from relishing the country’s delicacies in the restaurants. Like hotels there are no specific timings, where you have to be there on time to have the buffet breakfast, here you can cook and eat when you please. Generally these kinds of rentals are often seen in the rural side or coastal regions, many of which will be able to help you explore the place and if there are ponds or rivers nearby, you can fish and cook them to have an excellent meal for the day. Cooking on your own can also cut down your expenses on food which you can use it for some other expenses.

Coming to the privacy part of the stay, when you are in a villa, trust me you will have good privacy; this is one of the main reason why honeymoon couples often prefer villas than hotels. There will be no interruptions from cleaners or phone calls from the reception and so on. Therefore anytime, any day opting for a vacation rental is a better choice when compared to any other means of stay.…

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Tips on Finding Right Vacation Home For Your Needs

Most of the people around the people are too much savvy about spending vacation in some excellent places. Some of them are very much interested to spend their vacation in Orlando vacation home. If you ask anyone, who is many savvy vacationers in Orlando, they will tell you the secret. There are so many varieties of homes available in Orlando like Rented condo, home villa and many more. If you are considering purchasing a home or rental for apartment, homes and village, you have lots of options to purchase. When you are planning to purchase a property or renting vacation home,you need to consider so many things before selecting. Here are some important points to look for.

In these recession days, so many people are looking for inexpensive homes. Depending upon your budget,you can select the best option for your needs. First of all, you need to consider that how many people will go to live in a home. There are two, three, four bedroom apartments, villas and homes are available for your needs. However,you need to consider children and how much space you want for your home, definitely you get a good home for your choice.

The next thing to consider is the location where you are purchasing or renting. This depends upon your choice of doing things in Orlando. If you are interested in Disney world,then you need to select the home nearby by it. According to the Real estate listing services,there is so much vacation home are located off Highway 192. It is the place where you have to take ten minutes drive to Disney world. And also there are so many delicious restaurants are available on this High way.

The next thing to consider is the facilities in the rental home or villa. The main advantage of staying in Orlando homes is they are well equipped and furnished. With these facilities, you can really enjoy the vacation in Orlando homes. And some of the Orlando homes are providing these services like fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer and many more.

And finally,there are so many Vacation homes in Orlando are also offering some special offers that will definitely remain your vacation as most unforgettable moments in your life. And also for information and advance booking for these homes,you need to visit the website.…

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Poconos Vacation Rentals

Sometimes, a cliche can mistakenly make you avoid something great. That is true of the Poconos, located in northeast Pennsylvania below the Catskills. This oft joked about resort area is actually a vibrant vacation destination, filled with lakes mountains, luxury rental homes and cabins that all combine to create a perfect destination for families and honeymooners alike. The Poconos have always attracted visitors from nearby cities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York; however the rest of the world is now discovering this truly all-American vacation tradition. Start your vacation off right with great accommodations, which you can find right here on this site. Mountain rental homes, cabins, cottages or chalets are all offered by highly reputable rental management companies. Your Poconos vacation rental will include all the creature comforts and a various assortment of additional amenities if you so choose. This popular, yet strangely unpopulated area is perfect for the nature lover or anyone who needs some fresh air and a good meal. No matter what type of Poconos vacation rental you choose, large lake chalet or a small hillside villa or condo, you will never be far from the natural beauty or fun-filled activities of this mountain resort destination

Make a day to just explore the area. Centuries-old farms and other buildings are still in use today. Take in a flea market or arts and crafts fair. The area is large and towns spread out, so don’t hurry, just let the delightful discoveries come naturally. Some of the vacation areas in the Pocono Mountains are Arrowhead Lakes, Big Boulder Lake, Camelot Forest, Lake Harmony, Lake Harmony Estates, Lake Naomi, Pocono Lake, Snow Ridge Village, Towamensing Trails and Jim Thorpe. If you need a little more excitement, there is usually a demolition derby or tractor pull to break up the day or evening, and there is always something good to eat nearby. Need something a little more upscale? Ski races, wine-tastings, art workshops, music festivals and interesting lectures can be found here also. It’s your vacation, do whatever you want. No one from your book club back home needs to know you went to a tractor pull, and no one at the tractor pull needs to know you are attending a an author’s lecture tomorrow. Of course, you can ski, hike, fish and just generally enjoy the region, with its long rivers, big lakes rocky plateaus and friendly towns, all welcoming you to stay a while. While communities here aim to keep their historic heritage alive, your Poconos vacation rental will only serve to enhance your visit while you discover the historic sites and refresh to the soft and soothing air of this sentimental region. Take your next mountain vacation in the Poconos. Discover how a cliche can be so rewarding and exhilarating and not so cliche after all.…

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Costa Rica Beach Rentals in Cahuita

Cahuita is a perfect place for beach holiday. It is a small beach town on the Caribbean Coast side of Costa Rica. Beach rentals are in abundance in this small city, but they always remain in high demand. The exotic beaches of Cahuita pull people from every part of the world making it one of the best beach towns in Latin America to visit.

Why demand for Costa Rica beach rentals is on the rise in Cahuita?

Getting to Cahuita, which is merely 43 kilometers away from Puerto Limon, is not difficult. This is the reason behind such a high volume of tourist traffic to the city. People come to this city to relax and unwind. They come here to take a break from their daily life.

There are so many tensions and worries in the modern city life in developed world, like the United States, that people from all across the world come to the city in search of a peaceful vacation. This drives the demand and comparative cost of Costa Rica vacation rentals in this part of the country.

Cahuita is a perfect place for leisure stroll by the seaside. It is loved by people who want to leave their city lives and enjoy a serene stay in the city. The black sandy beaches of Cahuita present the city as a perfect gateway point to the international travelers, which has taken the demand for Costa Rica vacation rentals through the roof.

Black sandy beaches of Cahuita

Cahuita has black-sand beaches which look picture-perfect. These beaches are calm and peaceful, and meant for those who want to have a lazy vacation.

People also come here for snorkeling and other water sports. Because of its aquatic life and colorful coral reef, snorkeling is very famous on Cahuita beaches. The idea time for snorkeling in the region is between March and May, and September and December.

For the water sports lovers who want to dive into the water and feel the force of water against their skin Playa Negra is a place to go to. It is considered to be a very good place for swimming. It is located right on the northwest end of Cahuita

Nature lovers can also visit Parque Nacional Cahuita, Cahuita national park as well as The Mariposario de Cahuites, which is a butterfly garden. These are ideal places to unwind.

Parque Nacional Cahuita

Parque Nacional Cahuita, Cahuita National Park, is one of the 12 most popular national parks in Costa Rica. It was created in 1970 to protect the coral reef in the region. The total land area of the national park is 1,067 hectares, and it protects aquatic life in 22,400 hectares of ocean as well.

The beauty of exotic marine life and colorful coral reef in Cahuita pull people from the world towards the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. This pushes the demand for Costa Rica beach rentals upward. If you are planning for a long vacation in the country, you should start looking for Costa Rica vacation rentals months in advance. That is only way to find a good deal.…

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