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Best Travel Beach Destinations in the World

The beach is one of the natural places with many visitors. A beautiful combination of sea water and sands makes anyone who sees it feel at home to linger in this place. For beaches lovers who are looking for best travel beach destinations in the world, you can take a look here. There will be some recommendations of best travel beach destination you can visit. In selecting destinations for your travelling, it is better for you to explore unique beaches that maybe you do not hear it yet before. There are some best travel beach destinations that you can see below.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is not a strange place for anyone. If you hear this island, maybe you immediately think that it is a tropical place with very beautiful beaches. Yeah, it is true to say. There are many beautiful beaches but Maui is a good choice for you. This beach has an attraction to people who dream of a summer holiday.You will also can see the beautiful view of the mountains along with the valley. This is the first best travel beach destinations you need to think about.

Pink Beach of Komodo, Indonesia

Indonesia is a tropical country with many various of natural beauty. If you want to explore unique beach, you can choose Pink beach of Komodo in Indonesia as your best travel beach destination. As the name implies, this beach has pink beautiful sand. This beach is located in the world’s largest lizard dragon island. It will give you a different experience if you visit this beach.

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Eagle Beach, Aruba

The next best travel beach destination you can choose is Eagle beach in Aruba. It has a blue clear sea water with white clean sand. It looks so perfect to take pictures in this beach. You also can do water sports here. The uniqueness that you will get from this beach is the fofoti tree. It is a very Instagram-able place for you to choose.

Bora Bora Beach, France

The last best travel beach destination that you can choose is Bora Bora beach in France. There is a unique history about this beach’s name. Indigenous Polynesians who stay in this beach in the past called this beach as Pora Pora. But then this beach is famous by the name of Bora Bora. This beach is dominated by fine white sand and clear blue sea water. There are also many fascinating coral reefs under the sea. If you like t do water sports, you can do it in this beach because it has friendly waves.