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Budgeting for Your Vacation Rentals

Budgeting for Your Vacation Rentals

Picture this: It’s one of your regular everyday workdays, when you realize that you need a vacation. So, you pack everyone up, get ready to go, and end up in a weird little hotel that smells like feet and has what appear to be dust bunnies, but you’re rather frightened to check as to what the dust bunnies really are.

So you spend a few HORRIBLE days on vacation. You have a bunch of crazy college kids staying in the next room, doing crazy things, including tarring and feathering their friend at two am, blasting music all night long, and just giving you a headache. So what can you do in order to combat this? After all-you’ve already paid for the nights that you are going to stay…

This is one of many cases where the only thing that you can do is take preventive measures to make sure that you don’t get stuck waiting for the end of you vacation.

Instead of renting a hotel room, you can look into vacation rentals. And let’s face it-vacation rentals are about the same price, a lot more convenient, and just better in general! You don’t have to worry about crazy college kids, people knocking on the wrong door at two am or any of the usual hotel problems. You only have to worry about your family, in your vacation rental, for your allotted time.

However, you may be worried about how to budget for all of this. But the thing about that it’s quite a bit easier than you might think!

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First of all, look at any and all disposable income that you might have. You may be wondering “what is disposable income?” It’s the money that might be burning a hole in your pocket so to speak-the few dollars that you try not to think about. You have nothing special to do with it and nothing planned for it. It just ends up spent at the end of the day.

Next, you need to keep in mind what you can turn into disposable income. This means that if you go out to eat three or four times a month that you may want to consider staying in those nights and making dinner instead. You may find that by doing this, you can save up to $200 depending on how many people you are feeding each time that you go out to eat. You can also take off of other expenses. For example, maybe you don’t need the super deluxe coffee. Maybe regular no-brand coffee will do the trick. You never know.

Start saving up. Try and have an idea how much you will have saved by the end of a year. Keep this in mind as you search for vacations rentals. Vacation rentals aren’t normally expensive-but they can be a bit of a pain to find, especially if you are searching for a certain price range.

Also, remember that you don’t have to go on vacation during the summer every time-you can also go during the fall, spring, and winter!