Considering a Florida Vacation?

When you consider a Vacation rental in Orlando Florida, remember one thing, its all about location! Whether it’s an owner rental and you’re booking your holiday direct or it’s a holiday rent from an agency check out the location. They nearly all exaggerate. All too many times Orlando rentals described as a Disney rental home are anything but. I have seen ‘Orlando Villas’ advertised when the property home is up to 3 hours drive away from Disney world of Magic and even further from Orlando Universal and SeaWorld.

So my advice is get a map and do your research before you book. You don’t want to spend the first and last two hours of your day driving to Disney world in Buena Vista or arriving at SeaWorld, or Universal Studios tired before you even start. It might be timely to remind you to make sure that your car rental is adequate for the size of your group; you don’t want to be hanging around the airport or the car rentals office when you arrive, trying to upgrade your car. Orlando vacation rental homes are generally very well presented and are maintained to a very high standard, some Disney vacation homes are advertised as luxury vacation homes, and depending on your idea of luxury you may be very pleasantly surprised as the standard of most homes is very high.

However remember that all these holiday home rentals, whether near Disney or otherwise are still holiday rentals and subject to the wear and tear that this type of business involves. A good management company with a strong maintenance ethos is essential in the holiday self catering homes business. So make sure there are plenty of photos of the house and read all the reviews, Email the management company if they are shown on the website for their opinion on the home and if there are any things you should know. That way you have it in writing as a backup if you are not happy or it does not live up to your expectations.

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Also a good measure is if the home gets many repeat guests. (Check out the reviews) Its also important to look at the language of rental sites, “walking distance” doesn’t mean beach front and “cozy” often times means it’s small or cluttered. Make sure you pay attention to the details on the website. If it looks unprofessional, cheap, with a bunch of dead end pages… then, their lack of effort to impress from the beginning might be a flag to indicate of what is to come. Lastly where possible book with a company or home owner that accepts plastic and pay by credit card. It gives you security and peace of mind. Don’t pay cash!

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