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How to Land a Free Vacation Home in the City of Your Choosing

How to Land a Free Vacation Home in the City of Your Choosing

When looking at my options this morning I have the ability to apply for free stays in over 100 different places in the US, and I can even search outside of the United States for free vacation stays.

Although, I look at these opportunities as my home for the next few days or potentially few months I am able to find opportunities at a whim. So how is this so?

It is because people have pets, and they want to take vacations and time away from their properties as well. Because of this you can find these people and offer them house sitting services. In most cases these jobs are particularly easy.

Most home owners only have a small number of obligations that they want the person staying in their home to handle. These vary from each property, but in general it is simple tasks such as check the mail, make sure bills get mailed, walk /feed/ play with the animals, water the plants, and do simple home tasks.

In my opinion this is an easy and great trade off for spending time in an area that you want to visit. You have time to visit areas of interest as well, just as long as you make sure that your tasks have all been handled.

Another thing that you should know is that almost all of these house sitting or pet sitting jobs are not paid positions. Some people find that fact very strange, but honestly it does makes sense. Some of the houses that you get to stay in are really nice and you get to make a new furry friend out of the opportunity as well.

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So if you love pets, and are a non smoker then you have a really good chance of landing some house sitting jobs in a great area of your choosing.