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Kissimmee Vacation Pool Homes

Kissimmee Vacation Pool Homes

If you are going to be visiting Disney World, and you have more than three people in your party then you might want to look into renting a Kissimmee vacation pool home. To most Disney guests’ surprise, most of the 26 miles that the Disney World Resort sits on is located in Orlando.

Before the 1971, the year Disney World opened, Kissimmee was a small farming town with the fruit being the major crop being farmed. Fast forward almost 40 years; and yes, Kissimmee still grows a lot of oranges but today most of the Orange fields located near Disney World have been developed into huge vacation home sub-divisions. In fact, there are almost as many vacation homes in Kissimmee as there are hotel rooms… pretty amazing!

What to expect from a Kissimmee vacation pool home

1) Privacy- All of the Kissimmee vacation pool homes sit on private lots and they all have their own private swimming pools right outside. These homes give their guest a lot more privacy than a hotel room. No longer will you have to hear a screaming baby in the room next to you, or other people’s rambunctious kids playing loudly around the pool.

2) Full Kitchens- All of the Kissimmee vacation pool homes are equipped with grand kitchens that offer the following amenities: microwave, dishwasher, full size refrigerator, oven, stove, outdoor grills, and all the utensils you will need to eat a grand feast.

3) Variety of Sizes- The Kissimmee vacation homes come in a variety of sizes: the smallest being the three bedroom two bath models and the largest being the seven bedroom five bath models. You can rent a home which fits your needs and your budget. It is important to keep in mind that the Kissimmee vacation homes are quite inexpensive as compared to a hotel room. A three bedroom Kissimmee pool home can be rented for as little as $81 a night for a basic model all the way up to $200 a night for a home that offers all l the amenities such as flat screen TV’s and games room.

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4) Close to Disney World- The main selling point of the Kissimmee vacation homes is that they are located near Disney World. All of these private pool homes are located within 15 minutes to Disney World; it is really easy to get from these homes to all the theme parks.

A Kissimmee vacation pool home is a great place to stay when visiting Disney World. A few of the most popular areas to look for a vacation home is in Emerald Island, Terra Verde, Windsor Palms, or Legacy Park. These vacation communities are a few of the closest communities to Disney World and they offer quite a few amenities for their guest.