Orlando Vacation Lodgings – Why a Condo Might Be the Right Choice

Orlando Vacation Lodgings – Why a Condo Might Be the Right Choice

Orlando, Florida is a top destination for foreign and domestic travelers to take in the warm sunshine and bustling activities all year round. The Central Florida vacation experience reaches far beyond a visit to Disney World, with nightlife, bargain shopping outlets and an eclectic array of fine cuisine. The average stay in this great city is one to two weeks, with plenty of time to make use of theme park multi-day passes. For maximum comfort and flexibility, especially for the longer stays that typify vacations to this area, an Orlando condominium rental might be just the ticket.

The city of Orlando is teeming with hotel rooms, from the super luxurious to the budget-friendly. Regardless of whether a hotel is of the luxury or budget variety, hotel rooms generally lack many of the conveniences we take for granted in our homes. Conversely, the myriad of condo lodging options in the area afford the traveler more privacy and more space. Many are quite spacious and open. You can select from one, two, three or even more bedrooms to accommodate a couple, a family or quite a crowd! Even more importantly, condos come with all the conveniences we are used to at home.

Although you often get a lot of living space, these rentals may not be as expensive as you might think. Deals can sometimes be found that price condos similarly to many hotel rooms – especially if you get a special rate for rentals that are longer than one week. Furthermore, when all the expenses for your vacation are tallied, the cost cutting amenities these units afford really add up. High-end hotels and budget motels may not have the dining options of your choice. They also usually don’t offer separate sleeping space for all the members of your family or group.

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However, the condo vacation dweller enjoys the use of a full, private kitchen with plenty of storage space for groceries. The savings calculated for preparing your own meals versus eating in restaurants, with gratuity added, can tally into hundreds of dollars per week. Your Orlando rental unit will provide everything you need for your restful and relaxing stay, including dishes, cookware, linens, a refrigerator and much, much more.

Many of Orlando’s condo rental properties are located outside the tourist traps. Instead, they are in the Florida residential communities that are the envy of the world. Guests are usually free to make use of the property amenities which can include swimming pools, recreational BBQs, yard and garden space to wander, and access to the property’s gym. And although some condominiums are tucked away on the side streets, Orlando has an outstanding public transportation system, making it easy to access the city’s top attractions.

For people traveling with animals, many Orlando condo rentals may accept small dogs or cats. The condo experience is cost effective, especially for families and groups, relatively hassle-free and offers amenities far beyond what is usually found at a local hotel, making it a great choice for savvy travelers who demand the very best.

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