Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals

Breathe in the briny air, stroll the manicured beaches and enjoy the sense of community on Martha’s Vineyard. Just seven miles from the mainland of Massachusetts, this island filled with upscale homes and the worlds well-to-do is a retreat for those looking to find the best in a New England vacation. 87 square miles make up Martha’s Vineyard, and there are many rental homes, cabins and cottages from which to choose for your stay. Enjoy the sites, scents and sound of the harbor in a Greek revival home along the coast. Martha’s Vineyard rental homes, condos and cottages are the way to go if you plan on staying for a week on this gem of an island. All Martha’s Vineyard vacation rentals come fully furnished, with complete kitchens and linen service.

As for location, there are six distinct beach resort towns from which to choose: Aquinnah, Chilmark, Edgartown and Chappaquiddick, Oak Bluff, Tisbury and West Tisbury. This won’t be an inexpensive venture; Martha’s Vineyard property value and cost of living are considerably higher than the national average. You will find however, that the Greek revival design, with origins more than a century in the making are well preserved, and the amenities and activities in the area suit the tastes of those with a larger pocketbook. You may choose a colonial style home, or a quaint cottage that carries with it the aroma of New England sea salt and the quaint lifestyle you desire. Amenities include high speed internet, private yards and beachfront views, gourmet kitchens and designer decor, private hot tubs and personal masseuses. Look to a reputable rental management company such as the ones listing on this site to help guide you right to that perfect rental home on Martha’s Vineyard.

It’s all like a picture post card here; waves crashing on the rocks, sunny beaches, yachts and sailboats cruise the harbors, fishing boats docking with their catch. You could really spend your entire vacation just soaking up the salty, friendly atmosphere. For a bit of adventure, bike or walk along numerous trails, stop watching and hop on one of those sailboats, or get yourself invited onto a yacht for some hob-knobbing. Enjoy a great meal at one of many fine dining establishments, especially in Edgartown or Aquinnah. Film festivals, lectures and theater are all abundant. Check out a farmer’s market, an art gallery and the wildlife refuge all in one day. Take a yoga class in the morning and dance the night away later on. Golf, tennis, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking and canoeing all make for a good time. For a special treat, allow yourself a go-around on the Flying Horse Carousels in Oak Bluffs. While Martha’s Vineyard is special on its own, make it a point to visit all the surrounding communities for a true sense of this New England gem. Make the most of it with a Martha’s Vineyard vacation rental home, cottage or condo and discover the real meaning of New England style and personality.…

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10 Tips in Choosing a Holiday Rental

If you are looking for a holiday home where you can enjoy some quality time with the family but do not want to end up with a property with a leaking roof and old, smelly carpeting, read on and you might find the tips below useful:

1- Privately or company managed

When choosing a holiday rental, one of the choices you need to make is whether you will be renting from a company or a family or individual. Owner-managed properties will somehow make it more personalized and more budget-friendly. On the other side, company-managed holiday homes are pre-screened and usually come with a 24-hour support in case problems pop up.

2- Set your priorities

Be open to possibilities. When you check holiday rental websites, sort your search according to price, location, features, and other amenities. Also take note that the availability calendars might not be up to date so be sure to check with the owner or the company.

3- Multiple photos

Do not be satisfied with a picture of the exterior. Checkout multiple photos of the holiday home. Make sure you see how it looks like outside and how the property is setup inside. Beware of lenses that make the rooms bigger.

4- Be specific

Ask questions about the holiday rental or be sorry when you and your family get there. Get down to the specifics from sleeping arrangements, nearby establishments, or even kitchen gears. Know the details that you want to know before signing any contract so you still have the leverage.

5- Negotiate

There is always some room to get some discount especially in a struggling market. Depending on the duration of your stay, you can bargain for some discount or free services.

6- Reviews

Look for reviews of holiday rentals and see how the experience has been like for other renters. Be sure that you check out balanced reviews as some sites make glowing praises for properties and delete the negative posts.

7- Guarantees

You need to make sure that you can get refunds or at least guarantees when the vacation rental property ends up far from how it is described and promised to be. Make sure you can reimburse your money if the posting is illegitimate and worst, do not exist.

8- Contract

The responsibilities of the owner and the renter should be in black and white. Read the agreement thoroughly and ask for clarifications or amendments to the document if necessary. A detailed contract is a lot better and puts you on a much safer ground as a renter.

9- Payment options

When you are renting a property during your vacation, be careful with the payment options you will use. Arrange your rental closest to your vacation dates as possible so you can avoid paying for a foreclosed property.

10- Travel insurance

Rental properties do not work like hotels do. They do not have much of walk-in clients so their cancellation policies can be quite strict. Some do not allow refunds within a month or two from your date of arrival while some ask for upfront insurance fee to cover for any possible damage to their vacation home.…

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Renting a Vacation Home – The Reasons & the Risks

Have you considered renting a vacation home instead of staying in a hotel for your next vacation? In many cases, a rental home can bring many added benefits to your vacation experience that a hotel room may not. Whether your style is a rustic cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains or a cottage overlooking the Pacific Ocean, here are the advantages (and the potential risks) of renting a home away from home.

A House or a Room?

Sometimes it’s nice to be pampered in a hotel. When someone else is responsible for cleaning and laundry it really starts to feel like a vacation. But the fact is a full week spent in the nicest hotel can feel a little claustrophobic.

When you’re traveling with the whole family, a vacation home can have many advantages over a cramped hotel room. When you’re looking for a vacation home, don’t forget to take the layout of the house into account. Younger children may need to be close to adults, whereas teenagers may enjoy their own floor or sleeping loft. It pays to take the time to find a house that fits your specific needs.

Ask a Lot of Questions!

To increase the chances of having a great vacation ask LOTS of questions. Ask the owner to describe the swimming area that they’ve said “is so beautiful”. Ask exactly what cooking supplies will be provided in the home. Will there be internet access, cable TV and a DVD player to use? Will you be expected to bring your own sheets and towels? Make a list of all your questions and make sure they are fully answered before committing to the rental.

My family just rented a beautiful cottage in the Smoky Mountains. Having a large space that the entire family could stay really made the trip something special. However, we certainly recognized the importance of asking the right questions after the first night. The “plush sleeping arrangements” they described included a sleeper couch, which they noted when we signed the rental agreement. But, the couch was so uncomfortable that we ended up taking the mattress off the frame and sleeping on the floor. Take detailed notes, including the date of conversations and the name of the sales representative you’ve spoken with, in order help protect yourself in the event of a dispute.

Remember that you are renting someone’s home. That means that the owner may innocently romanticize little quirks that you may find less than ideal. Similarly, the home might not live up to your expectations. Rather than making assumptions when looking at photos of the home online, do your research.

Relax. Enjoy.

Owners of vacation rental properties will be seeking repeat customers, meaning they will most likely provide you with a clean and comfortable stay. So once you arrive, just relax! This is a home meant for activity, family and fun. Kick back on the sofa, rustle around in the kitchen and play board games at the

dining room table. With a little preparation renting a vacation home could become a highlight of one of your most memorable family trips.…

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Staying Strong Through the Recession – Brittany’s Prevailing Charm?

You wouldn’t tell to look at it, Brittany seems as it always is, seafood platters overflowing, wine glugging in to glasses, but Brittany is in small crisis. Reports from Brittany’s daily paper Le T?�l?�gramme, suggest that 15 percent fewer nights are being spent in the compared to a decade ago, the British share of tourism here has diminished by 10 percent, due to the strong Euro. The paper begins to wonder how Brittany can compete with cheap resorts and new destinations like Morroco or Tunisia.

A glass of wine in a waterside cafe, an empty plate in front of me, the solution is clear: do nothing.

Brittany has thrived through being Brittany, and will continue to thrive by being Brittany. It is neither Morroco nor Tunisia, nor a resort, that’s why people come here. People that know Brittany have a taste for it, the fish, the wine, the cafes, the restaurants, the walking, the boating, the distinctive Brittany charm.

Artists have swooned to the charms of Brittany since the late 19th century, Pierre Gauguin nestled in to Pont-Aven, and set up his school here. Some of Gauguin’s paintings as odes to the are will be on display at the Tate modern this coming September. To change Brittany to pander to the recession would be to kill it, what the painters have loved about the place, to jeopardise its future as one of the most perseveringly distinct locations in Europe.

Renting a gite in Brittany is a wonderful way to experience this land, loaded with rustic charm, an authentic location, your own little piece of Brittany. To get to know Pont- Aven and the surrounding areas join the long distance trail, the Grande Randonn?�e 34, which sweeps through the hamlets, pines, noble coast lines and cliffs. Then going inward the jagged landscape mellows in to pastoral meadows.

And there are so many places to eat, the fine seafood, the wine, the crepes, the ‘fruit de mere’, all essential to Brittany’s identity. They attract tourists because they do not pander to them, people know they are getting something authentic.

Up from Pont Aven is Le Pouldu, an area that hasn’t stuck so true to its Brittany identity, instead a bustling, noisy resort, loaded with surf clubs and bars and hotels. This does not feel so vitally Brittany as Pont Aven, the only saving grace of Le Pouldu is its museum, in an otherwise condescending location, the landscapes of Gauguin paintings in the museum have been blotted out by buildings.

A nicer way to spend the evening may be to stroll down Doelan, with Accordions playing and voices singing, nestle in to a harbour sidebar, finish the night with a few glasses of wine.

It seems the best thing for Brittany to do is stay true to itself, trust what it has to offer and not underestimate its charm and appeal. People have flocked to Brittany of distinct and simple charm, there is no need to squander its biggest selling point in hard times.…

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Plan Your Myrtle Beach Vacation Perfectly

With an array of vacation attractions, Myrtle Beach receives a large influx of tourists every year. The beautiful beaches, great accommodations, shopping and dining options make it the perfect vacation spot. Read this article to plan you vacation and help make it enjoyable and memorable.

A vacation at Myrtle Beach provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the pristine beaches, superior golf courses, beautiful lush greenery and a number of outdoor activities. Offering a wide range of accommodations, shopping and dining options, Myrtle Beach has become one of the most sought after vacation spots in the United States.

Myrtle Beach, located along the northern coast of South Carolina, is a combination of beach towns and barrier islands distending from Little River to Georgetown in South Carolina. The Grand Strand offers an array of vacation attractions hosting millions of tourists every year. Sitting on white sand and enjoying great ocean views and the lovely atmosphere away from the bustle of city, the Myrtle Beach offers a romantic picturesque making it a perfect destination for the honeymooners. In addition to this breathtaking surrounding, there are plenty of exciting things to do in your vacation including surfing, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. Well marked trails offer an opportunity to see various wild animals and birds closely while enjoying the landscaping of sparkling white coastline.

The attractions of Myrtle Beach include numerous wonderful golf courses, amusement parks, shopping complexes and quality dining venues. It is well known for a variety of amazing cultural events, musical concerts and other entertainment shows which take place every year. If you love shopping while on vacation, there are a number of options including malls, specialty stores, boutiques, art galleries and retail outlets to meet your shopping needs. With more than 1,900 restaurants offering fresh seafood and tasty local dishes as per your preference and budget, you would surely get a quality dining at this place. Other late night options include beach bars, dance clubs and theaters making your time more delightful.

When it comes to accommodation during your vacation at Myrtle Beach, there are a wide range of residing options including resorts, hotels, condos, inns and beach rentals. Many of these accommodations are located near beaches or golf courses. The very popular option at Myrtle Beach are “beach rentals” which in addition to being right on the beach, offer all modern amenities and entertainment options at reasonable rates. With fully equipped kitchens and spacious rooms matching your needs, the rentals provide stress-free homelike environment full of freedom and privacy. Based on your budget, they offer professional cleaning staff, chefs and even the tour guides to make you enjoy the Myrtle Beach tour to the maximum level.

If you are looking for a beach rental to stay during your next Myrtle Beach trip, it is highly recommendable to do a proper research considering some important factors like your budget, number of members and the location and amenities you wish to have. You need to ensure that your choice offers all the necessary items you expect for your beach vacation. Internet websites like are a great option to narrow your choices and booking the perfect property. There are many Myrtle beach vacation rentals. To choose from and you are almost sure to find one matching your buying criteria.…

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Building Wealth With Rental Income

Rental income is another way to build wealth. Many investors build a portfolio of rental properties so large that they live off rent payments exclusively. The greater the positive cash flow from rent, the greater the income.

Renting while on vacation is like throwing money out the window, but many people still rent because they are not willing to make the commitment of additional home ownership or have not been able to save enough for the payments.

Owning a rental property or a vacation home that can be rented out to short-term tenants during the off season may be a solution. Instead of renting while on a vacation, many people are opting to own a vacation or second home due to the tax advantages and investment potential of owning real estate. Wealthy people do not own second homes only because they can afford to do so; they also own second homes for tax write-offs or for long-term investments. Many wealthy individuals intentionally maintain mortgages strictly for the tax deduction, even though financing the deal is unnecessary.

Mortgage interest and property taxes are also tax-deductible on a second home. Vacation homes, especially those on the water or on a golf course, will most likely appreciate in value. In Florida, vacation homes are an extremely popular way for many to invest and maintain a get-away shelter. Businesses that own vacation homes for the enjoyment of their associates and clients deduct costs as a business expense.

Some buy residences strictly to rent to long- or short-term tenants. Rental payments help pay off the mortgage while the property appreciates in value, thus building equity. At the same time, landlords may enjoy a positive rental income. Rental properties also qualify for depreciation allowances as a tax benefit.

If you want the benefits of both a second home and a rental property, you can buy a multi-unit apartment and live rent-free in one of the units while the tenants pay the mortgage. In this way, one can act as an on-site owner landlord. Some individuals rent out to tenants for part of the year while remaining up north, then fly south to live in the residence for the other part of the year.

An arrangement offering similar benefits is a time-share, where several individuals retain part-ownership interest in one residence and take turns actually residing in the home. This reduces an individuals risk, commitment and investment, while offering use of a great part-time vacation home.…

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Owning a Vacation Property in Florida

Given the fact that the housing market is at an all time low in the State of Florida, owning a vacation property in Florida is now considered to be a realistic endeavor for those that otherwise could not make their dream a reality. There is a large surplus of beach houses, private villas, luxury homes, and standard homes on the market in Florida, but there is a rapid decline in interested buyers. It does not matter if you want a luxury vacation home that sits on Miami Beach or a home that is tucked away in a quiet community, there are many that you may choose from and the prices are just right! In this guide, you will learn how to choose the best vacation home in the Sunshine State for your needs.

The first step to discovering that perfect vacation get a way in the luxurious State of Florida is to research the state as a whole in order to determine which area is right for you as well as those that will be vacationing in the home with you. You may like to have a home that is located on a beach, or close to a beach. You may want to purchase a home that is located on one of the many islands that are part of Florida. You may want to purchase a home that is located on a river or lake, in the wooded and private areas of Florida, or even near the larger cities located in Florida, such as Miami, Orlando, or Jacksonville. It is important to know right from the beginning what type of location is ideal for you.

When purchasing a vacation home in Florida, it is important to consider the taxes that you will need to pay that is real estate based, the type of homeowner’s insurance that you will be responsible for keeping on the home, and other expenses. If you purchase a vacation home that is near the coast, you can expect to pay higher taxes due to the fact that these areas are typically congested as far as tourists, and the general population is concerned. You should also understand that having a home near the coast will have higher insurance rates. This is mostly due to the fact that Florida experiences many annual tropical cyclones and damages typically occur as a result of them.

You will also need to determine if your vacation home needs to be in an area that puts you in close proximity to employment opportunities, medical services, and educational facilities. There are many small communities in the State of Florida that only have access to a limited number of resources when it comes to employment, health services, and schools. Then, there are extremely large, populated areas that are close to many of these types of institutions, opportunities, and services. Knowing what you need, what you want, and how to access sources that you will depend on while in Florida will help you choose the best possible vacation home in the state!…

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