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Pocono Vacation Homes: The Best Investment You Can Ever Make

Pocono Vacation Homes: The Best Investment You Can Ever Make

On Friday nights we’d grab our things around 8ish and be at our Mt. Pocono home by 10:30, ready for a quiet night’s rest and a fun weekend. Saturday was skiing, golfing, shopping, tennis, boating, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, snow tubing, swimming, biking, ski mobile, more shopping, $7 movies at Casino in Mt. you get the idea. Clean fresh mountain air, millions of stars at night…friendly people and just relaxing with plenty of room to spread out and enjoy living until we went back home to New York City on Sunday evening.

There is a whole new lifestyle which your family can have, enjoying the country and wonderful times that a Pocono vacation home can offer. The Poconos offer some major attractions such as Camelback Ski Resort, Camel Beach Water Park, rafting down the Delaware River or a full range of water and boating sports at the 13 mile-long Lake Wallenpaupack. Have all the fun you want or just plain relax and decompress in your private country retreat!

Where to Buy In the Poconos

There are many gated communities to choose from throughout the Poconos. Each has different amenities (lakes, golf, tennis etc.) which you may find appealing. I recommend that you follow these suggestions when finding a community that best fits your needs.

1. Location: The community should be a comfortable distance to travel for your weekend getaway. Around 100 miles is reasonable. It should be centrally located to the main attractions of interest to you, so you don’t spend all weekend driving.

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2. Water/Sewer: Many communities use septic systems, which require periodic maintenance and sometimes may back up. You don’t want these headaches for a vacation home. Instead, chose a community that has central sewer. Water supply is also a consideration. I prefer a community that has central processed water, as opposed to well water (which can become undrinkable from time to time).

3. Services: Make sure the community has ample equipment for snow removal, as some areas do get rather large amounts of snow in winter. Also check out the road surfaces in the area to make sure that roads are well maintained. Some communities rely on state and local agencies for these, which tend to be slow or poor. You also want to make sure to have garbage pickup on a regular basis.

4. Security: Gated communities should have private security patrols for the protection you want, instead of relying on State police for such services.

Community dues will vary widely. It is based on how many services are offered and the size of the community. Make sure that the chosen community has these features so that your Pocono vacation home is as worry-free as possible.

It Has Never Been More Affordable

Today’s traditional NYC bedroom community home prices are out of reach, forcing you to crowd your family into a condo or apartment. In the Poconos you can buy a modern 3-bedroom, 2-bath home on 1/3 acre or more in a gated community… with amenities you could only dream of for only $125,000! It can even make a fabulous place to retire. Some families choose to partner with close friends or relatives and split the cost.

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Instead of the two week vacation you normally have, your family can vacation in the Poconos all year long and never run out of fun (or relaxing) things to do. Our grown up kids now have happy and loving family memories of our 20-year Pocono vacation! That’s why my wife and I feel that our Pocono home is by far the best investment we ever made and that your Pocono vacation home could well be the best investment that you’ll ever make.