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Recommended Spots for Solo Trip World

For people who don’t like to go alone, it may be so uncomfortable to do solo traveling. But for those who prefer to be alone, it is very good to do. You don’t need to think about what others want. There is also no agreement from all the members if you do it solo. Just choose what you want to get the best trip world. If you are searching for trip world spots which are the best for solo traveling, you should go to some places below.

Busan, South Korea

The first spot you need to visit for trip world is  Busan, South Korea. If you are familiar with Korean drama, you must be know about some popular spots in South Korea. But for those who don’t know about Busan, this is a good place for your solo trip world. You will see the modern and traditional mixed into one. The location of Busan which near to the nature such as beach and mountain becomes a good spot to visit alone. Hot air bathing becomes a recommended activity that you can try in Busan. While for the culinary, this city will serve you any kinds of sea foods.

Majorelle Garden, Morocco

Morocco is the next spot you need to visit when you plan for a trip world. If you like photography, Morocco is the best place for you. It is because there are colorful old buildings which becomes the its attraction. You can walk around the building and shoot the best spots in Morocco. There is a recommended spot called Majorelle Garden. This public garden is located in a small city Marakesh. If you ever heard about French fashion designer named Yvest Saint Laurent, you should know that this garden becomes his last place. Besides Yvest memorial, you can see the tropical plants such as bamboo, banana, coconut tree and many more. You will feel the sensation of being in a nature with beautiful view, birds chirping, and fresh air.

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Charles Bridge, Prague

The last recommended spot for solo trip world is Charles Bridge, Prague. It is located between Lesser Town, Old Town, and Prague Castle. For those who like to visit historical places, it is a must for you to go here. It really looks like the bridge in the castle on movies. There are also some classic style of sculptures which becomes the best place for you to take pictures. You can spend your trip world by walk around the bridge or visiting the other side near the area. Planning a trip world in Prague will not disappoint you.