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San Francisco Vacation Rentals Guide

San Francisco Vacation Rentals Guide

San Francisco vacation rentals are a hot ticket item nowadays because the local Tenants Union is trying to stop the practice of renting properties to tourists. They think there’ll be lesser homes on the market for locals to rent if more properties are made available for tourists. But for visitors, these homes offer a better option than the usual hotel room.

Currently, there are about 500-1000 homes listed for visitors, with the number going up or down seasonally and for holidays and special events. This does not include the massive number of homes in the Bay Area excluding the city. Even so, the city alone has a huge number of visitor-friendly locations including the Embarcadero and other waterfront areas, Union Square, Castro District, Golden Gate Park and Alamo Square.

It’s not hard to find a home that’s in a convenient location and well furnished too, not to mention that the nightly rent will be around or less than half of what decent hotel room nearby would cost. When it’s needed for a large family for a week or so, the deal is far better than any hotel in the city. Visitors can choose from a range of condos, apartments and stand-alone homes and cottages.

For a taste of the local lifestyle, areas like Alamo Square and Pacific Heights are pretty good. Visitors will find here the unique Victorian homes often shown in tourist brochures and on television. The 2 & 3 bedroom units available here will cost less than a hotel, but still be able to accommodate 5-6 people.

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For those who want a taste of the urban pleasures of the city, a stay at a downtown home near the Moscone Convention Center or Union Square is suggested. A property here would be perfect for couples, single travelers and small families, and would come with a pool, gym and other common use facilities. For visitors looking for a secluded getaway in a spacious home with a view, the Golden Gate Park offers the best choices.

The waterfront homes also offer another upscale option. The location is a prime tourist zone and the view isn’t bad either. There are other choices too, depending on personal preferences. For instance, a home in the Castro District would be perfect for those who want to indulge in the progressive culture of the city.

No matter what kind of property or location a visitor prefers, San Francisco vacation rentals as a whole are far better than hotels. It’s not going to last forever, though. Either more properties will become available, or the city may decide to clamp down. Hopefully, city authorities will find a way to provide adequate housing for locals without having to take down the San Francisco vacation rental market.