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Travelling Spots in Maldives

Lately, Maldives becomes the most popular travel destination by tourists. If you want to travel this country, you have to know travelling spots in Maldives. Maldives is one of the most beautiful tropical places on this earth which offer you beautiful travelling spots. That is why there are many people fascinated to travel this country.

White sand and clear blue sea make anyone want to go to Maldives soon. In the past, you must stay in an expensive resort or hotel when you want to travel this country. But as the time goes by, there are many affordable budget traveler so you do not have to worry if you have low budget. But before planning your travelling, you have to know more about this country.

Do you know that this is a strict Muslim country? If you do not know it yet, you better know it now or it will be uncomfortable for your travelling time. There will be no alcohol or pork products in this country. You also cannot wear bikini or short pants easily anywhere. Do not bring something that contrary to Islam. But it is not a matter because your main purpose is to enjoy the beauty of this country. There are some travelling spots in Maldives you need to know below.

Sand Bank

Sand bank or sandbar is the first travelling spots in Maldives. This is the best choice for those who like to take pictures in amazing little white sand island in the middle of crystal blue water of the ocean. Besides taking pictures, you also can picnic or relax yourself with the ones you loved or family. As there are many sandy areas in Maldives, it is better if you explore the areas by barefoot. It will give you different experience in travelling.

Maldives Hammock

Maldives hammock is the second travelling spots in Maldives. This is unique spot that you must try. Why unique? It is because it has strange look but it is actually comfortable when you try to sit on it. The shape is really different with the hammock in general. It made from a steel frame with netting sewed around the edge. You will see the views of hammocks mounted on the beach even in some homes in Maldives.

Friday Male Mosque

For Muslims travelers, you do not have to worry about prayers especially Friday prayers. There are some mosques that you can find in Maldives. One of them is Friday Male Mosque. This is the third travelling spots that you have to know. It is not only for prayers but also it has a great building.

Banana Reef

If you like to do snorkeling, Banana Reef is the fourth place you need to know. You can do snorkeling and see the beauty of underwater in Maldives. You also can find exotic fish, turtles, and beautiful coral. Do not worry for snorkeling equipment. Almost all tours agencies already prepare it for you and your partner. Do not forget to bring an underwater camera to capture your every moments.

Male Island

The fifth travelling sport is Male Island which is the capital of Maldives Country. On this island, you can go for exciting walks and window shopping at the local market that sells a variety of interesting souvenirs, ranging from key chains to Maldives wood carvings. You can also visit cool landmarks such as Sultan Park, Male Friday Mosque, and Tsunami Monument.