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Thinking Outside the Hotel: Consider Cottage Rentals for Your Next Vacation

Thinking Outside the Hotel: Consider Cottage Rentals for Your Next Vacation

Looking for a true home-away-from-home? Forget hotels — cottage rentals are the better option. When you rent a cottage, you’re getting all the cozy comforts of home (without the cost of actually owning a vacation cottage). If you’re ready to hit the value jackpot on your next vacation, pay attention: it’s time to dispel a few pervasive myths about renting a cottage for your getaway.

Myth #1: “Hotels are way more convenient.”

The homeyness of a great cottage rental is the key to its value. Rental cottages are generally fully-furnished, boasting well-equipped kitchens. It’s not uncommon that renters are also able to enjoy the cottage’s toys, games, wifi, books and even sports equipment. What could be more convenient than a vacation with all the fun at the front door, not a dull drive away? You may even be able to vacation more often, since all you have to do is pack the clothing you need and hit the road.

Myth #2 “Cottage rentals are only available for longer-term stays.”

Luckily, this isn’t at all the case. Rentals are available on any schedule, making them as perfect a getaway for a busy business person as they are for a vacationing family.

Myth #3: “Cottage rentals are out in the middle of nowhere. The kids would get bored right away — and so would we!”

You may be in the mood for rustic, but if you aren’t — fear not. Cottage rentals are available in the hinterlands, sure; however, they’re also available in the heart of town. Whether you’re looking for a boat-in lakeside cottage or a home-away-from-home that’s walking distance from the movie theater, you can find the perfect escape in a cottage rental.

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Myth #4: “Cottage rentals are ratty and dirty.”

Most rentals are handled through a rental property management company, which ensures that the cottage is kept in spotless condition. You never have to worry about finding a cottage dirty or damaged. This adds some peace of mind to your vacation and allows you to fully enjoy your time away.

Myth #5: “I’m sure the actual cottage doesn’t match the pictures.”

Cottage rental companies provide you with pictures of the interior and exteriors of the cottages so that you can find the one that will suit you the best. Many offer guarantees to protect you in the event of a surprise, so you’ll never be left out in the cold.

Myth #6: “Without a concierge to help, I’m not sure how we’d figure out where to go and how to get there.”

Cottage rentals almost always include a lovingly compiled listing of local activities and must-sees, which many vacationers have fun using as a checklist for their stay.

Myth #7: “My group is too big/small to make the best use of a cottage rental.”

Rental cottages come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are vacationing alone or with friends, you’re assured to a cottage rental that will fit your headcount. The management company you work with can help ensure that you choose a cottage with ample space for everyone.

Feeling better? Good. Here’s a final word on the power of the cottage rental: removing the high cost of a hotel or motel (and all the requisite dining out) gives you you can allow for a longer vacation. Hotels and motels are very impersonal and really not all that relaxing. Camping can be fun but there is a lot of hard work involved in setting up tents and trying to cook on a campfire. Why not look into the option of cottage rentals the next time you are planning your vacation?

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offers a large selection of available cottage rentals in the Haliburton, Ontario area if you are considering a vacation there. They offer a large number of pictures of each available cottage and glowing references from past renters.