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US Passport Application Services

US Passport Application Services

When one needs to get travel documents outside of the US they have to get a passport through the US passport application. Every citizen must get their own passport for travel purposes regardless of their age, whether one is a grown up or underage. The application process for those who are under 16 is different, as is the process for those of the ages 16 and 17.

New Passport

A person who has never had the document must apply for the document. For those who had been issued with one when they were below sixteen years of age must also apply. Passports are only valid for a period of fifteen years so when this period elapses one should apply to renew it. In case it has been stolen, it has gotten lost or has been damaged in any way one has to get a new one too. Someone also needs to file changes to a US passport when they have a name change, such as a name change due to marriage or going back to a maiden name. This ensures all documentation has the same name.

Place of Birth

Proof of citizenship has to be provided on application. It may be a birth certificate, an undamaged passport, a certificate of naturalization, a birth report if one was born abroad and a citizenship certificate. If any of these are questionable, the passport agent may ask for more documentation.


The application form has to be filled with the right information. It cannot be signed unless there is an agent representing the passport facility present. This means that signing cannot be done at any time before visiting the issuance facility. After visiting the facility one can now sign it in the presence of an authorized agent.

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The form is submitted along with two in-color identical two by two-inch photos. They are to be taken within six months of submission while wearing casual attire. The face of the applicant has to be in full view with an off-white or white background. The distance from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head has to measure between an inch and an inch and three eighths. No kind of head gear can be worn for the picture. If one has a prescription for spectacles and a hearing aid they must have them on

Application Process

There are certain circumstances that allow for online application filing or through mail. This normally includes a renewal, or a passport name change. However, filing in person is a good way to go, this way you’re confident that all paperwork submitted was proper and you’re not missing information that could delay the process.