Vacation Rentals: A Guide To Identify Best Spots

Vacation Rentals: A Guide To Identify Best Spots

There are various vacation rentals found on internet, through listing websites and agencies. It can be challenging to find the best option for your vacation and at times even if you find, there are chances of somebody getting before you, leaving you missing the chance.

Following are the tips which would help in finding the appropriate place for nice vacation and have nice relationship with vacation rentals owners.

1. If you treat as vacation rentals owners similar to a resort or hotel receptionist they might decline your request, as owners spend a lot of effort and time on making their home comfortable, well equipped with proper ambiance for the clients and usually give it to those who appreciate it as they are very proud of their property. A nice vacation rentals makes you feel at home and has a nicely decorated ambiance and means of entertainment, kitchen with all facilities for making meals and proper bedrooms. As per my experience, I prefer people who would enjoy and respect staying in my cottage and thus want friendly people with whom I could talk over phone and judge if they are appropriate for my property.

2. While talking to the vacation rentals owners be clear about the head count in your group. Never appear to be unclear about it as it might be alarming for them as they would fear of renting it to the people who use it as a party house by inviting their friends and sharing the place. Be sure about the people in the group and respect their limits of accommodation.

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3. Various factors determine accommodation limits. First, based on the possible wear and tear, owner may choose to set the limit on number of people. Thus, if according to listing a vacation rentals property has five bedrooms where accommodation limit is six do not argue to bring 10 people as owner may not be attracted by your thought and may stop the conversation instantaneously. Second common factor is that many properties are not served by town’s drainage and septic system and have septic or holding tanks of limited capacity which puts limits on number of people it could accommodate and thus have no difference between adults and children. Often rentals argue about babies not using water, but I can remember getting my babies bathed regularly requiring more water than is required for a shower.

4. Many owners have exhaustive web sites providing all the required information, but welcome any additional questions. You should read the listing before mailing or telephoning the owner with your list of questions as it would be helpful to them. The attractive and popular property owner may receive numerous queries and thus be selective about renting it, and asking them the questions already answered in their listing may not be a favorable response.

5. Many owners may or may not allow pets. In this case, do not expect them to allow in any case even though the pet may be trained, non allergic, controllable, and well-behaved. It would be better than to put the pet in kennels or search for other property. It would be preferable to take your pet to a place where it is accepted with some nice dog treats.

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Over 20 years I owned various properties and met people who became good friends now and learnt much about vacation rentals guests, their expectations, providing them with right space. I work hard for creating reasonable space and offer and expect respect and appreciation of the property in return. Such a vacation rentals is not appropriate for everybody and in case you are searching for impersonal and sterile environment, then we are not appropriate. Instead, you would find once you spend vacation in our vacation rentals you would never go to any other again.

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