Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen While You Are Abroad

Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen While You Are Abroad

Travelling abroad is an integral part of life experience. We are travelling for recreation and entertainment or with business purposes. Travelling abroad always gives us a lot of positive emotions and memories, but it also happens that some negative moments take place. Imagine the situation that your passport is lost or stolen while you are abroad. Seems unreal and awful but it sometimes happens (especially in poor countries with high criminality). What you should do in this situation? Where to go and who can help you?

When this happens on an entertaining trip, then there’s no point to worry. You are just lucky, because all problems will be solved by the company which organized your trip.

If you prefer to travel alone, or you are in a foreign country to take part in a business meeting, don’t panic. You should simply apply to the embassy of your native country in the country where you are now. It’s a good point to have address and phone number written down in advance.

It will be easier for you to work on your document recovery if you come abroad for a long time and register with the appropriate department. So, if the purpose of your trip is to work abroad for a long period, it is strongly recommended for you to register upon arrival. Just do not try to get a job informally. Human trafficking is perhaps one of the most actual problems of the world.

In a standard situation when applying to the embassy (where you will be told what to do and where to go), you need to give them some additional documents. If the only document on this trip was your passport (that was stolen) you will need to show some person who can verify your personality.

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After all you’ll have a temporary document, which will give you the right to leave the country where you are at the moment. You can not travel with this document, but you’ll be able to get home, where it will be easier to solve the problem with your stolen passport.

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