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10 Reasons Vacation Homes Are Better Than Hotels

10 Reasons Vacation Homes Are Better Than Hotels

There are many reasons why vacation homes are better than hotels. Here are my 10.

More space – Why stay in a 228 sq ft hotel room when you can stay at a 1700 sq ft 3 bedroom house with a private pool for nearly the same price. Hotel rooms are designed to be a place to put your bags, sleep, and get out. Vacation homes are designed to be a home. You will feel more comfortable to hang out at the house or going to the next attraction at your leisure, not when housekeeping is coming. With vacation homes, there is less of a stir-crazy get-me-out-of-this-room feeling and more of a relaxed take it as it comes.

Cheaper per room (or head) – The hotels charge per head. The 228 sq ft hotel room costs $1003 for a week for two people. For three to four people it costs $1746 and $2619 for five to six people. The 1700 sq ft 3 bedroom vacation home stays at $1050 a week regardless of how many are staying. If you have three couples coming with you, dividing the cost per bedroom will give you $350 a couple or $175 a person for a week stay! That’s $25 a day, try finding a hotel for $25 a day!

More than one bathroom – If you have ever had to travel with a teenage daughter, then you will know the blessing of having more than one bathroom.

Pets permitted – Pets are family too! Why take them to an animal shelter or a friends house, when you can bring them along. Many vacation home owners allow pets, you just need ask about their restrictions.

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Kitchens – You can spend $100 to feed a family of four for one night, or you can take that money to the grocery store and feed them for a week. The kitchen does not close either. Many vacation homes have BBQ grills which are perfect for grilling at a small impromptu pool party.

More privacy – Vacation homes do not have housekeeping crews that bother you every morning and there are no noisy nosey neighbors to gawk at your untanned legs at the pool.

Private pool – Vacations should not mean that you have to put up with a load of strange kids (of questionable hygiene) splashing you in the pool. The private pools of vacation homes insure that the only kids in the pool are the ones that you bring.

Laundry room – No need to “over” pack your suitcases when you can wash your clothes as needed. No more embarrassment with smelly laundry and the luggage checkers at the airport.

Room to stretch out – Watch TV while relaxing on the sitting room sofa not on the hard hotel queen bed. Float by yourself in a sparkling blue pool. This is what a vacation is supposed to be!

All the conveniences of home – Vacation homes are homes away from home. They often have internet access, board games and pool tables which can be a nice distraction should the weather turn bad.

Bottom line? Vacation homes are more spacious and comfortable than a cramped hotel room with limited amenities. Vacations do not come around very often so it only makes sense to try and make the most out of them.

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