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The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Vacation Home

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home as an investment can be a great way to bring in some income while having a vacation home ready for your enjoyment anytime you want to use it. Vacation homes are not only good for you and your family but a great investment.

If you are considering investing in a vacation home, you will want to do some research before you begin to ensure you make the best choices for you. There are definitely some factors you will want to consider before you decide to invest in a vacation home.

The first thing you need to consider is funding. If you do not have cash to purchase a vacation home and are planning to get a loan, you will want to talk with a few lenders to see if you can get pre-approved for a loan. If you currently have a mortgage you are paying on either for your own home or another investment property, getting pre-approved is crucial as you may not be able to get a loan or you may be limited to the loan size you will be granted.

You will next want to consider what kind of vacation house you will be investing in. There are many different types such as beach condos, mountain cabins, or homes located in vacation hot-spots. You will want to decide which locations you are most interested in and determine the type of investment you want to purchase.

Once you have been pre-approved you will have a better idea on what type of budget you have to spend on your vacation house and this may help you determine the type of properties you can consider. Since homes and condos with ocean views or on the water are usually much higher priced than a cabin in the woods, you will need to know you budget before you decide on a property type.

You will want to look at several different types of properties to see what they are like and which are best for you. Vacation homes come in a variety of styles, locations, and sizes so looking at several is a great way to get a better idea of what is out there. You may also want to consider enlisting the assistance of a local agent in the location you are considering who can help you set up viewings of various potential properties.

If you are considering purchasing a property that is not located in close proximity to where you reside, you will want to ensure that you can have the house serviced or maintained while you are away. You may need to hire a caretaker or a property manager.

Before you make your final decision, you will want to determine the goal of your vacation house. If you want a vacation home for you and not necessarily an income property, you will want to make sure you understand the restrictions for renting out your home. In many states, renting out your home for more than 14 days in a one year period will classify your vacation home as an income property, not a residence, and therefore you will be subject to income taxes, which can have a strong effect on your budget so make sure you are knowledgeable about how owning a vacation home will affect you.…

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Vacation Homes in Las Vegas

Vacation Homes in Las Vegas

“A vacation is having nothing to do and all day do it.” – (Robert Orben, US Magician & comedy writer)

A leisure time devoted to rest, recreation, family and friends constitutes the meaning of the word “Vacation”. We all need an escape route out of our busy, hectic & mundane routines of work and life. A ride in the mountains, or a swim in the sea is like a refreshing breeze to out tired minds, body and souls. Some of us like to rent a hotel, while others prefer to rent homes while on a vacation. The concept of a vacation home is time immemorial.

A second home is a rewarding concept for both renters and owners. For renters, it’s a significant savings in comparison to hotels and vacation packages. While for owners it can be as rewarding as paying the mortgage. As people are realizing this trend, vacation homes are becoming popular not only for existing homes but also for new or building ones.

According to a tourism survey conducted in respective countries. It was found that 3.09% United States’ housing stocks were vacation homes (2003), in comparison with 2.66% in 1990, and 1.87% in 1980. Figures in France are also fairly high 10% of all housing stocks. While United Kingdom saw a 14% increase in Wales, 5.6% increase in England and 1.3% increase in Scotland all within a year (2004-2005).

The world famous “jewel in the desert – Las Vegas” lures 39.2 million tourists each year to enjoy its enticing entertainment and hospitality industry with splendid casinos, fine restaurants, and dazzling shopping avenues. Vacation homes are a smart choice for most of these vacationers as it costs approximately between $ 40 -$ 15000, which is comparatively economical to renting hotels.

Internet technology has allowed people from all walks of life to enjoy the vacation homes either in form of leisure or for business. Owners can now rent their vacation homes to tourists across the globe via websites offering rental services or entrepreneurs using their luxury estate property for the purpose of both vacation and entertaining business.

Las Vegas vacation homes may provide private access to parks and trails for quiet vacationers or a lavish golf course, health Spas, children entertainment area, and other fun-filled activities for gregarious vacationers. These properties are either custom made with modern, urban or vernacular architecture offering paradise to your eternal being or small and simple vacation homes offering scenic beauty and a peek into raw nature and wildlife.

A second homes in Las Vegas also serve a delicate purpose of ‘tying the knot’ and a honeymoon afterwards.

Whatever the style and purpose of vacation homes they are sure shot remedy for our tired souls.…

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Summary – Buying A Vacation Home

Summary – Buying A Vacation Home

Like any other significant financial decision to make, the process of buying a vacation home should be seriously taken into consideration as the financial ramifications involved can affect you for the rest of your life. You need to know that exactly it is that you are looking for. Also, try paying close attention to the numbers in order to make sure that you will walk away with the best deal available at that moment.

First of all, you should start by looking where you have vacationed in the past or if you want to go to a new area, it is best to rent a property there for a season to figure out if you like it enough to buy a property there.

The second step is the most critical one as you need to get preapproved for a mortgage. It is even more critical if you already took a home loan as it will add to your debt level. You will be certainly limited to what the lender will give you, depending on how much money do you owe on your primary residence. You have the option to search refinancing your primary home at a lower rate for cash in order to get that second home you want.

Now would be a good time to think about what you really want. With other words, what type of vacation property are you looking for: condo, house or a cabin? You need to know that the first ones come with an entire bunch of issues, like HOA – Home Owners Associations. If it is near the water, it means that it is a more desirable location, meaning that it will be more expensive. This statement is however not entirely true as there are some exceptions, like Cape Coral, Florida, where although the properties are near the water, the prices are good, very good as a matter of fact.

Before selecting the property that you have put your eyes on, you should interview a couple of local real estate agents and ask them how many houses they have listed, how experienced they are as well as if they have a particular specialty. Be careful when you choose the real estate agent, you need to be fully comfortable when speaking to him in order to get a good deal.

It is highly recommended to browse various homes in different settings in order to catch a glimpse of how size, location as well as other factors that will influence the price differences. Don’t forget to think about the ongoing maintenance like what will happen to it when you don’t live there, or if the house is a subject to various weather conditions, things like these. Remember to check with the HOA, if there is one to find out about any possible restrictions on renting your property.

Last but certainly not least, take into consideration the fact that the IRS will categorize your house as an income property rather than a residence if the house is available for rent for more than 14 days a year.…

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Finding Vacation Homes to Rent

Finding Vacation Homes to Rent

Have you ever wanted to stay in a Villa in Italy or Spain? How about a luxury condo in Hawaii? A colonial plantation house in Virginia? Well finding vacation homes to rent is not that hard and with a little research you can stay in your dream home, often for less than you would pay for a dull old hotel room.

There are many sources on the web, the first step is to identify what you want. Determine how many people will be going, where you are going to vacation, how long you will be there, and what amenities you want. How close to town do you want to be? With this information figured out start your research for the perfect vacation home rental.

Using your favorite search engine look for vacation rentals in the area you wish to stay. If you are traveling to Europe you should also include “agritourismos” and “apartments”. Unlike in the States many Europeans maintain apartments for rental by the day or week. Vacation homes often require a minimum stay, so focus on using these as a base from which to explore your chosen vacation spot.

There are a lot of benefits to staying in a vacation home. One big advantage in finding a vacation home versus a hotel is the ability to cook, a significant savings and a real budget stretcher. Even if you only use the kitchen for breakfast and lunch you will find that you need a lot less cash for food when there is a full kitchen. We love to go grocery shopping in the villages where we stay, going to farmers markets, local bakeries and butchers, as well as super markets. These shops offer an insight into the way folks live in the places we visit. Shopping and cooking will save you money and provide you with a richer travel experience.

Another advantage in choosing vacation homes to rent is staying in the community versus a hotel in the tourist center. Many of vacation homes are located in neighborhoods or, in the case of the agritourismos, in the countryside. You are not surrounded by throngs of fellow tourists, instead you are among locals. This often allows you to discover the less travelled sites as well as getting the flavor of the place.

Vacation homes, unlike hotels, allow for larger groups to stay together and enjoy each other’s company in comfort. Remember, these homes have everything you enjoy in your own home as well as many of the amenities found in resorts such as private pools and patios. Many have yards and even allow pets.

Lastly, vacation homes often rent for significantly less than comparably appointed hotels. Add the lower nightly rate per person with the savings on food and the greater opportunity to explore and be with the local population and you have a real winning combination.

Finding great vacation homes to rent is fun, staying in a rental vacation home is even better. So, get going search for and book this truly enjoyable alternative to the hotel scene on your next vacation. Build great memories with your family and friends, save money, and stay in luxury. Life is too short to always stay at a hotel, stay in a villa, you won’t regret it.…

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How to Use Real Estate Agencies For Vacation Rentals

How to Use Real Estate Agencies For Vacation Rentals

Most people think of real estate agents as people who sell them houses. This is not the only thing that agents do. Many real estate agents, especially those in areas where people like to go on vacation, do not only deal in buying and selling real estate, but also in rental properties. There are many people who have homes and condominiums in areas that are sought after by tourists. Instead of selling the homes that they are not using, many people are renting them out to vacationers.

Vacation rentals are more sought after by those on vacation than hotels. The reason for this is that vacation rentals afford more privacy for those who are staying in them. They also have conveniences like kitchens and laundry rooms that are not found in hotel rooms. Surprisingly, it is often less expensive to rent a vacation rental as opposed to a hotel room when someone is going on vacation. However, many people do not know how to find these rentals.

This is where real estate agents come in. These agents usually work in areas where there is a tourist trade and not only list homes for sale, but also for lease. They list condominiums as well as single family homes. Just like an agent can connect a person with the right home that they are looking for to buy, they can also help someone find the perfect property to rent when they are on vacation.

Real estate agents have many properties available. You should look for rental agents in the area where you plan to vacation in order to find the perfect property. Not only will the agent be able to help you find the perfect property for you, but they will also be knowledgeable about the area and can help you with questions that you may have with regard to your vacation.

It is not difficult to find rental properties when you are seeking to go on a trip if you know where to look. Rental property agents are real estate agents that not only help people with regards to buying and selling property, but also with leasing. By seeking out an agent in the area where you plan to vacation and seeing what they have available, you can find the perfect rental property for your trip. You can even do this online where the agent will be able to show you photos of the properties available for rent in the area you plan to vacation.…

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Ideal Places to Spend Valentines Day in Orlando

Ideal Places to Spend Valentines Day in Orlando

Many vacationers head to Orlando for various reasons including family vacation, business travel and special vacation per se romantic trips. Now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching you start thinking on how to make this day very remarkable. You may consider spending it through a romantic trip with your loved ones. But be sure to set your primary destination first, that could be in Orlando, Florida where a lot of romantic places ideal to spend Valentine’s day await for your visit.

If you are decided to spend your Valentine vacation in Orlando, then take note of the subsequent romantic places and activities that will make the most of your romantic vacation experience possible.

Historic Mount Dora – You want to make your Valentine experience remarkable this year, right? So, try visiting the historic Mount Dora, a place that would take you back to a more romantic era. Together with your love, you can take a walk along Lake Dora’s shore or take a historic train ride, perhaps. The pampering spas and salons around can also be your pick. At Mount Dora, you too can take a horse drawn carriage ride down the cobblestone roads – an ideal romantic activity for lovers as evening approaches.

Park Avenue – Make your evening more romantic by having an outdoor dining at one of the many romantic restaurants on Park Avenue. Or you may stroll down the avenue, winding along the park and enjoy a peaceful, quiet conversation with your loved one. The evening may be a bit cool, perfect for a couple to cuddle a bit closer while strolling down the avenue.

Orange Blossom Balloons – Start your morning with a romantic balloon ride with Orange Blossom Balloons, specializing Champagne Balloon flights in Disney World location. You can spend a one-hour flight with your loved one, good enough for the both of you to spend quality time conversing and watching stunning views on the land.

Kraft Azalea Gardens – Having picnic in the park is also an ideal activity while staying in Orlando for a romantic vacation experience. The Kraft Azalea Gardens in Alabama Drive, Winter Park would be an ideal place for a romantic picnic with your sweetie. Here you can see the full bloomed thousands of azaleas to embellish your picnic venue where you can take a long romantic lunch. Duck feeding along the shore of Lake Maitland and watching the breathtaking sunset over the water can also add up to your romantic picnic experience in the park.

Orlando Vacation Home – While you and your partner can dance the night away in various dance clubs, have a romantic picnic in beautiful parks, enjoy a Champagne Balloon flight and dine in a romantic restaurant, still there is no place like home. Spending your Valentine vacation by staying in a vacation home in Orlando will allow you to spend romantic moments with your spouse.

You can send your kids off for the night and surprise your spouse with a home dinner. To make it more romantic, you can rent a romantic movie and dim the lights, play some special mellow music or dance with your partner.…

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Plan for a Luxury Vacation in Miami Beach and South Beach

Plan for a Luxury Vacation in Miami Beach and South Beach

Miami Beach and South Beach vacation rentals offers people living in the Northern part of the United States at least a brief respite from cold and snow while relaxing in the beautiful and exciting area. The allure of a tropical vacation is difficult to resist after weeks of digging out vehicles and shoveling walks. The Miami area has been made popular through movies and television shows and draws international travelers as well as from across the U.S, making it a hotspot for vacationers. Being allowed the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury while in Miami Beach vacation rentals is a dream come true for travelers escaping to the area.

Located along the Atlantic shoreline, but far enough South to remain warm throughout the year Miami Beach and South Beach offer beach combing and the ability to tour nearby points of interest.. Citrus plantations thrive nearby while the Art Deco area, which is home to more Art Deco designed architecture than can be found in any other single locale, of Miami Beach attracts thousands of tourists who enjoy lingering over coffee in this exciting cultural area. Separated from Miami proper by Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach and South Beach are premier vacation havens for tourists wishing to escape brutal winters and relax.

Ocean Drive in Miami Beach was featured in Birdcage as well as Scarface, with the Jackie Gleason Show, Miami Vice and many other TV shows and movies having been based or shot in the area. Miami Beach vacation rentals offer tourists the opportunity to be within walking distance of both the ocean and nightlife as well as spectacular shopping and restaurants. Choosing Miami Beach vacation rentals such as a hotel, condo or home to rent can be a daunting task when unfamiliar with the area.

Vacationers often enjoy driving to the nearby Everglades to see nature in it’s raw form, taking a day trip on boat or simply relaxing and people watching. Tours can be arranged such as an Art Deco one which guides people through the truly unique area while providing rich historical information pertaining to the Magical City as Miami is known. Other activities include scuba diving, fishing, visiting the Holocaust Memorial as well as many local museums and parks. Boredom can’t exist while enjoying a Miami Beach vacation rentals.

During the 1920’s South Beach and Miami Beach attracted President Harding as well as numerous millionaires to the area, such as J.C. Penney and Harvey Firestone, just two of the many who built luxurious mansions in the area. Many of the pedestrian friendly tours focus on local history including the architecture, notable residents as well as how the area has prospered throughout the years.

Choosing where to stay provides many options to travelers. South Beach vacation rentals include options ranging from luxury hotels to the ability to rent and reside in an exquisite private mansion. Miami Beach condo rentals as well as South Beach condo rentals provide everything from luxury penthouse suites which overlook the city or ocean and include maid service to spectacular luxury hotels that often cost no more than regular hotels when carefully arranged for. Doing research and making arrangements prior to traveling will result in the best results and most luxurious vacation within budget.…