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Month: October 2022

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Florida – Perfect Place For Vacation

Florida – Perfect Place For Vacation

Florida is the best option when it comes to a fun-packed family vacation or a refreshing getaway. Its larger-than-life theme parks, spectacular sun kissed beaches, and a wealth of natural treasure have contributed towards making Florida the vacation capital of the world. There are more than 1,150 golf courses available for avid golfers and you can plan your vacation during numerous golf championships that are held every year.

Start your holiday with visits to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and other popular attractions. To ensure that you don’t spend much of your precious vacation time in commuting, you can stay in a vacation rental near Disney. A wide range of vacation rental choices are available in Florida and you can opt for a condo, home, villa or a townhouse according to your needs and preferences.

Whether it is snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing or shell hunting, the immaculate beaches of Florida have something for everyone. Here, you can take long lazy walks, play beach volleyball on the warm sand or simply relax in the backdrop of a sinking sun. By staying in vacation rentals near the beach, beach-buffs can ensure that they live up to every moment. Beachfront Florida condos are the most popular type of vacation rentals along with palatial oceanfront villas.

There is no dearth of golf courses in Florida and if you are passionate about golf then be prepared as most of the Florida vacation rentals have championship courses in close vicinity. A condo near golf course provides ample opportunities to avid golfers for enjoying their tee time.

It is no exaggeration that a festival or carnival takes place in Florida every month. The Taste of South Florida, Downtown Festival and Art Show, Annual Indian Summer Festival, and Sarasota Medieval Fair are some of the festivals you can take part in while holidaying at a Florida vacation home. With a little bit of planning while booking a chalet, cottage or villa, one can enjoy and experience the vibrant mood of these magnificent events.

The fabulous shopping centers and dining establishments of Florida need no introduction. Picking out where to shop or dine in Florida sometimes becomes a challenge i as you will find numerous shopping hubs, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars and cafes located close to Florida rentals. Apart from malls and restaurants, there is an exuberant nightlife in Florida.…

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Why You Should Say Yes to Vacation Homes

Why You Should Say Yes to Vacation Homes

Let’s face it – when we think of vacation homes, we think of extremely expensive, lavish, kind of gigantic type houses that you probably wouldn’t be able to afford. After all, it’s a whole home away from home – right?

But the fact of the matter is that it can actually be more benefiting and quite a bit cheaper if you simply rent a vacation home as opposed to renting a hotel room. And let’s face it-the regular old hotel room rules don’t always apply. After all, who wants to stay cooped up in a hotel room while you’re waiting to go out? Or wake up super early while on vacation so that you can go get a breakfast that has probably seen the same table the last three days and even more hands.

Vacation homes give you a lot more freedom than other means of housing. After all, while on vacation, you’ve probably said to yourself at least one time before “I really wish that I had my…” when you were housed in a hotel. Now, if you rent a house for vacation, you may find that you have everything that you need right there. You don’t have to go out to eat if you don’t want to, you don’t have to wake up at six am for stale bagels and butter in a tiny little plastic container that’s melted by the time you get to it. You can also make as much noise as you want. Maybe your kids want to jam out playing Guitar Hero in the living room-that’s not possible in a hotel, unless you want to get the evil glares of death from every surrounding room. However, you can play whatever you want in vacation homes!

But the question is-once you’re pretty sure that you know you SHOULD rent a vacation home-how do you actually go about that? What steps should you take?

First, look into hiring someone from a travel agency or at least inquiring about any vacation homes that they may have available during the season that you are considering going on vacation. Also, keep your mind open about when you should go on vacation. Sure summer is the “normal” time to go off on vacation, but do you REALLY have to go on vacation during the summer? There are plenty of other times that you can go during the winter, spring, or even fall-just think about it!

Next, look online for deals. You never know what you might find on ad-sites and things like that offering vacation homes for rent. The main thing that you need to do however, is talk to the owners for a while about the vacation home, keep detailed notes of everything they say, and make sure there aren’t any inconsistencies. If you can do a little bit of research on them, that wouldn’t hurt any either.

Next, start budgeting. Get an idea of how much money you want to and can spend, and also check into how much you can save. You may not realize how much you can save in such a little period of time!

Last, have fun on your vacation!…

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Vacation Rentals – A Smart Alternative to Hotels

Vacation Rentals – A Smart Alternative to Hotels

Whenever you plan a vacation, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is taking you (and your family) and check in a nice hotel. It’s easy to get sucked in that frame of thinking with so many hotel + airplane + car rental packages available. There are other lodging options out there that can offer more perks like vacation rentals. It’s worth exploring.

Here are the benefits of choosing vacation homes instead of hotels:

1. Vacation homes offer more amenities than most hotels. These homes are normally owned by normal folks, which mean that you get the chance to help a “family” business instead of a huge corporation.

2. They are available anywhere you might want to stay. You can find them in any part of the world. You can find all sorts of rentals that will suit your needs – there are those that cater to peace or quiet or those that are located in the middle of the action (say, a rental in the heart of Las Vegas).

3. They offer ultimate privacy for you and your family.

4. You get the luxury of having multiple bedrooms and full kitchens.

5. Do you have a pet? Rentals are often the way to go for pet owners, as most of them accept cats and dogs.

6. The ambience is better! With huge hotels, you get — pretty much the same thing regardless of which part of the world you visit. This can be an advantage if you like consistency and resist change, but if you want to stay in a place that embraces the culture of the local area, chances are you’ll find that in a vacation home.

Most of all, these vacation homes feel like, well homes. They are friendlier and cozier than the austerity of most hotel rooms.…

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Tips on Buying Beach Villas For Vacation Homes

Tips on Buying Beach Villas For Vacation Homes

If your family loves the ocean so much and hopes to be near one every summer or vacation time, then it is better for you to buy beach villas for a vacation home than renting one every time you go on a vacation. That way, you can have access to the ocean anytime you feel like you are up for a vacation. You also don’t have to bother enlisting for rentals and scheduling since the vacation home is yours.

When buying beach villas for vacation homes, it is recommended that you chose one on a less populous place. This will make sure that you find an ocean view property. Most of the time, beach houses that are located on big lakes and famous beachfronts are already occupied so there may only be a few or even no properties up for sale. Real estate agents and sellers also have the tendency to overprice or increase the sale price because of the scarcity of properties for sale.

You also have to be very specific in what you want when looking for a beach villa. Are you willing to buy one that is not directly in front of the beach or is it a must have for you to have a beachfront property? A beach villa that is a bit farther from the waterfront but still accessible is cheaper as compared to those which are located directly in front of the ocean. But then again, the point of beach villas is to be as close to the beach as possible.

Budget is also one of the biggest considerations when buying one. Always discuss the budget with your real estate agent so they know what to look for at the price you are willing to pay. Going beyond your budget and your ability to pay is not advisable especially if you don’t want to stress over a future foreclosure.…

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Finding the Right Vacation Homes

Finding the Right Vacation Homes

Are you planning to travel and take a vacation somewhere? Do you own a vacation home? If you do not own one and intend to take a vacation, you need to plan in advance to avoid unnecessary and unexpected costs. Due to the existence of several vacation destinations and tourist attractions worldwide, planning for your travel is not easy especially if you only have limited funds.

Vacation Homes are properties used for leisure purposed only. It is either used by property owners solely during their vacation or rented to other individuals when not in used. It is one of the accommodation options chosen by tourists and travelers aside from hotels, motels, condominium units and apartments.

Because of the impact of recession to everyone, seldom can you find a cost-efficient travel destination and accommodation to suit your budget. By selecting the right facility, you have the best vacation along with family members.

Before you choose a destination or buy a ticket, ask referrals from friends, colleagues, relatives and family members. You can also surf the Internet to find several travel destinations and accommodations and compare the amenities offered, vacation homes, prices, and quality of services offered to travelers and tourists.

If you have trouble selecting a vacation home, read on and follow the suggestions mentioned.

Benefits of Vacation Homes:

* A perfect getaway to relieve stresses brought by busy and hectic schedules, both at work and at school.

* A suitable destination for the family to unwind and to bond with children.

Considerations in choosing Vacation Homes:

* Select a suitable travel destination that you like to spend your vacation with, including beach resorts, mountain resorts, cruise travel and many more. No matter what place you choose, always base your decision on your recreational interests, budget and lifestyle.

* Evaluate your needs. Determine the date when you plan to have a vacation, when you want to occupy the vacation home, space requirements and your budget.

* Surf the Internet to know ratings, customer complaints and reviews of the facility.

* Before you select a vacation home. Visit the location first. Know the tourist attractions near the place, like shopping centers, beaches, spas, resorts and local restaurants. Ensure that the facility is near the destination that you intend to visit.

* Know what amenities the facility has, like living room, bedroom, kitchen and entertainment area.

* You should know the owner’s policies, including security deposits, pets, damages, arrival time, checkout time, damages, cancellations, refunds and maximum number of occupants allowed.

* Before you signed a lease contract, ensure that the facility provides cleaning equipment, like washing machine, vacuum cleaners or detergent bars, otherwise, hire professional cleaning services.

* Before you pay for the facility, inquire from your local tourist board of Chamber of Commerce to know its credibility and to assess if it is found in their listing of rental properties.

* Ensure that the facility emergency exits.

* If you plan to stay for a period of time, you should book in advance, pay deposits, and confirm your reservation schedule.…

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Perdido Key Vacation Rentals

Perdido Key Vacation Rentals

If you had the ability to fly over great vacation spots you were considering for your next tropical getaway, one pass over Perdido Key and you would be asking the pilot to land immediately. If you have this kind of clout, you probably don’t need this site to find great vacation rentals, but most of the rest of us average guys and gals need a little help. This site is the place to find it. Perdido Key is the perfect spot for the quintessential beach vacation.

Choose from cozy beach cottages, stylish condos or family friendly private homes. All provide more space, more privacy, and more fun. Finding the perfect vacation rental condo, villa, cottage, house or home is easy with this site. Just browse through the big selection of well maintained and well managed choices, and feel secure that the rental management companies listed are highly reputable businesses you can trust.

Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat or as much activity as you can pack into your precious vacation, Perdido Key will make it happen. This natural beach community on the western end of the Florida Panhandle offers up plenty to do, and plenty of opportunities for serene, underrated laziness. Pensacola is close by, where you can try your hand at all kinds of water activities such as water skiing, kite surfing scuba diving, canoeing and kayaking, on and off shore surfing or jet skiing. There’s baseball, car racing, dog racing, even hockey is you really miss being cold. There are even plays, operas, and the ballet if you want to don more than a swimsuit in the evening.

Perdido Key is said to be home to the first golf course built in Florida – the Lost Key Golf Club, so don’t forget your clubs. When it’s time to relax, take in the amazing natural beauty of the area from your Perdido Key luxury vacation rental balcony, where you can appreciate the flora and fauna of the area and the effortless changes that occur with the tides. Explore nature at the Big Lagoon State recreation area, complete with boat docks, nature trails and an observation tower.

Perdido Key State Recreation Area hosts protected beaches, dunes and wilderness and protects the mainland from dangerous tides and strong winds, allowing for rare species of birds to thrive. Perdido Key will be the best vacation choice you ever made. Couple that with the great Perdido Key vacation home options listed here and no one will mind that you really don’t have your own helicopter.…

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Dordogne Rentals – Castles in France

Dordogne Rentals – Castles in France

The Dordogne region in France is said to have 1001 castles and there is absolutely no reason, why you shouldn’t rent on of those mansions or castles in France for your next vacation.

Well, you might be thinking of at least one reason right now! If you do, don’t worry. Most of the group vacation rentals have room for at least 12 people. The cost per person is not more expensive than hotel group accommodation would be. Sometimes it is cheaper!

Do you have a weakness for mansions, castles and four-poster beds? Do you also have an urge to forget about recession for a bit and just feel alive? Why not gather friends or family for a grand vacation in one of the fabulous Dordogne rentals? As mentioned earlier, most of the group vacation rentals have room for at least 12 people – meaning they are well suited for two or three couples sharing with children or a large family consisting of three generations.

You could have the vacation of your life in beautiful surroundings, bonding with your family or friends in a very pleasant atmosphere. You will be building memories that last and share new experiences with the people who really matters in your life.

Picture the pleasure of your own private swimming pool for lazy hot afternoons. Grandma and granddad are taking a siesta in the shade while you are having fun in the pool with the kids and your sister. Your husband and Uncle Bob are barbequing. Or imagine velvet soft evenings on the terrace with red wine and baguettes while you plan the next day’s superb adventures.

Stunning medieval castles are waiting to be explored in the small villages in the Dordogne region and many of them are open to the public to visit. A few smaller castles and mansions are offered as Dordogne rentals.

With approximately 42 castles open to the public, you will have a perfect opportunity to see a few castles, while you are visiting Dordogne. I can especially recommend Chateau de Biron and Chateau de Beynac.

You will find Chateau de Biron in the Gavaudun Valley, south of Monpazier, where it is situated on top of a hill. The castle, which was built in the 12th century, has been classified as a historic monument. It was owned by the same family (Gontaut-Biron) through 24 generations until the family finally sold the castle to the French state in 1978. Chateau de Biron was originally a medieval castle but you will find other styles like Renaissance and Gothic due to the fact that the castle has been renovated several times since it was build. I

At Chateau de Beynac you can see the dungeons and some medieval frescoes among other things. The castle was built in the 12th century but expansions have been added in both the 14th and the 17th century.

From the village Beynac-et-Cazenac you have 15 minutes of walking up through the village to the castle, which is really the right way to reach the castle, but you can drive all the way up and park outside as well.

Both castles are open all year-round and the admittance fees are about 5 – 10 EUR.

If you wonder what the French villages are like in the Dordogne region, think of the movies Chocolat and The Joan of Arc Story with, respectively, Juliette Binoche and Dustin Hoffman. Both movies were filmed in the charming Dordogne village of Beynac-et-Cazenac.

Stone buildings and narrow winding streets oozing history. Charming cafés and boutiques that can easily make a few hours disappear in the most pleasant way. A lush green landscape, broken by cliffs and a winding river, contributes to make the area even more attractive.…