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Dordogne Rentals – Castles in France

Dordogne Rentals – Castles in France

The Dordogne region in France is said to have 1001 castles and there is absolutely no reason, why you shouldn’t rent on of those mansions or castles in France for your next vacation.

Well, you might be thinking of at least one reason right now! If you do, don’t worry. Most of the group vacation rentals have room for at least 12 people. The cost per person is not more expensive than hotel group accommodation would be. Sometimes it is cheaper!

Do you have a weakness for mansions, castles and four-poster beds? Do you also have an urge to forget about recession for a bit and just feel alive? Why not gather friends or family for a grand vacation in one of the fabulous Dordogne rentals? As mentioned earlier, most of the group vacation rentals have room for at least 12 people – meaning they are well suited for two or three couples sharing with children or a large family consisting of three generations.

You could have the vacation of your life in beautiful surroundings, bonding with your family or friends in a very pleasant atmosphere. You will be building memories that last and share new experiences with the people who really matters in your life.

Picture the pleasure of your own private swimming pool for lazy hot afternoons. Grandma and granddad are taking a siesta in the shade while you are having fun in the pool with the kids and your sister. Your husband and Uncle Bob are barbequing. Or imagine velvet soft evenings on the terrace with red wine and baguettes while you plan the next day’s superb adventures.

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Stunning medieval castles are waiting to be explored in the small villages in the Dordogne region and many of them are open to the public to visit. A few smaller castles and mansions are offered as Dordogne rentals.

With approximately 42 castles open to the public, you will have a perfect opportunity to see a few castles, while you are visiting Dordogne. I can especially recommend Chateau de Biron and Chateau de Beynac.

You will find Chateau de Biron in the Gavaudun Valley, south of Monpazier, where it is situated on top of a hill. The castle, which was built in the 12th century, has been classified as a historic monument. It was owned by the same family (Gontaut-Biron) through 24 generations until the family finally sold the castle to the French state in 1978. Chateau de Biron was originally a medieval castle but you will find other styles like Renaissance and Gothic due to the fact that the castle has been renovated several times since it was build. I

At Chateau de Beynac you can see the dungeons and some medieval frescoes among other things. The castle was built in the 12th century but expansions have been added in both the 14th and the 17th century.

From the village Beynac-et-Cazenac you have 15 minutes of walking up through the village to the castle, which is really the right way to reach the castle, but you can drive all the way up and park outside as well.

Both castles are open all year-round and the admittance fees are about 5 – 10 EUR.

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If you wonder what the French villages are like in the Dordogne region, think of the movies Chocolat and The Joan of Arc Story with, respectively, Juliette Binoche and Dustin Hoffman. Both movies were filmed in the charming Dordogne village of Beynac-et-Cazenac.

Stone buildings and narrow winding streets oozing history. Charming cafés and boutiques that can easily make a few hours disappear in the most pleasant way. A lush green landscape, broken by cliffs and a winding river, contributes to make the area even more attractive.