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4 Reasons to Stay in Kissimmee Hotels For Your Disney World Vacation

4 Reasons to Stay in Kissimmee Hotels For Your Disney World Vacation

Do you want to save money on your Disney World vacation? One great way to do that is to stay in a hotel that is not located inside the theme park. Hotels sprawled all over Orlando are a good option. But aside from that, you can also choose to stay in the wonderful city of Kissimmee, which is just a stone’s throw away from the home of Mickey Mouse. If the substantial savings is not enough to convince you to book your stay in one of Kissimmee vacation homes and hotels, here are the other reasons why you should.

Reason # 1 – Comfortable accommodations

Kissimmee Hotels vary greatly in size, amenities, price, and so on. But what you can expect from all them is the high level of comfort and convenience that they will provide you. To ensure that you choose the perfect Kissimmee hotel, decide first on the room size. For small families, a bedroom that can accommodate 3 to 4 people will do the job. If you have a big or extended family, you may want to choose a vacation home that offers three to four bedrooms. Aside from the size, consider also the amenities. The typical amenities provided by most hotels and vacation homes include walk-in closets, countertops, cabinet, kitchen, appliances, broadband internet, laundry facilities, swimming pool, golf course, tennis court, basketball court, and many more. Forgo those that you can do without so you can save big bucks.

Reason # 2 – Close proximity to Disney

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Staying in a Disney Resort means that you do not have to travel anymore to get to the theme park. But if you stay in Kissimmee, you really would not mind the travel time because it would only take you less than half an hour to get from this city to Disney World. With all the nice sights to see while you are on the road, you probably will not notice that you have already arrived. Also, many hotels offer free shuttle service to this theme park so you get to save money not only on the hotel but on transportation too.

Reason # 3 – Abundant with Less Expensive but Fun Attractions

Kissimmee is proud to have its own list of top tourist attractions that are not as expensive but just as enjoyable. Some of these include Go-Karts at Fun Spot, Capone’s Dinner and Show, Arabian Nights, Gatorland, scenic lake tours, airboat tours, Old Town, Forever Florida, and many more.

Reason # 4 – Peace, Quiet, and Privacy

Another thing you would love about this place is the serene atmosphere and plenty of privacy. Orlando is crowded and noisy compared to the quiet city of Kissimmee. Here, you will have utmost relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Kissimmee is abundant with natural beauty and fun-filled attractions that make it a wonderful travel destination in itself. Next time you go to Florida, you will probably prefer to stay over here for a much more relaxing time.