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4 Ways to Capture Great Memories in Your Disney Vacation

4 Ways to Capture Great Memories in Your Disney Vacation

You are taking the whole family to a vacation to Disney World and your kids cannot wait to see Mickey Mouse in real life. A trip to Disney World would be an important milestone in your kids’ lives. When they look back to their childhood, they will be delighted to remember the time when you went as a family to this world famous theme park. One essential thing that you have to do during your vacation to Disney World is to document the trip properly. Below, you will find great ways to capture all the wonderful memories during your vacation.

Take Candid Photos

Take lots of candid photos. While it is nice to have the kids smiling together with Mickey Mouse and the gang, do not forget to take lots of stolen shots to capture raw emotions of your children. Take a photo of your little boy laughing his head off when Goofy makes funny antics. Capture a shot of your sweet princess staring in awe at the fireworks above the Disney Castle. All these stolen shots would be the best way to reminisce the memories you have made during the trip.

Shoot Video

While stills are great because you can put them in albums and scrapbooks for everyone to see, shooting video is also important because you would want to capture things that cannot be captured by photographs, like that moment where your kids run to the entrance of the theme park with excitement or that time where your kid belts out a song while watching a Disney concert.

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Don’t Forget Spare Batteries and Chargers

Make sure that you pack sufficient batteries for the camera and the correct charger for the video camera. This is to ensure that you do not miss out on any wonderful memory that your kids are going to make during the trip. It would be a big disappointment if while your baby is smiling widely upon seeing the majestic castle of Mickey Mouse, you cannot get your camera to take her picture because it is already low-bat. Charge the batteries sufficiently before leaving the hotel. Transfer any pictures stored in the camera and insert a blank memory card in the video camera so you have enough room for new photos and videos.

Create a Journal

Bring a notebook and pen with you during the trip to Disney World. During downtime, jot down everything that has transpired so far while they are still fresh in your memory. You can include memorabilia items like ticket stubs and so on to make the journal more meaningful. It is not wise to wait until you are already at home before you recount everything that happened during the trip.

Kids would surely enjoy a trip to Disney World. You can stay at the Disney Condos, at an Orlando hotel or even at Kissimmee Vacation Homes. It does not matter where you stay, the important thing is that you all have a grand time and that you capture all the memorable times made during the trip.