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4:0 To Informative Vacation Rentals Web Sites

4:0 To Informative Vacation Rentals Web Sites

Have you ever happened to look for vacation rentals? I have… If I saw “send us the dates you’d like to come to our place and we will offer you the properties that best meet your needs”, I left the site. Why?

Point 1: No-Questions-After-Reading Property Description

I do not want to be offered the properties which somebody thinks will best meet my needs.

Perhaps you are one of the few who do not care about where exactly to stay during vacation rentals and can entrust this choice to a managing person. Then do not read the article.

I want to review the properties myself. I want to read detailed descriptions and look at as many properties as I consider OK for me. I want to study as many options as I can and take my own decision. As I often plan my vacation rentals for my whole family, nobody except me knows what we actually need.

Once I trusted the individual approach when I planned my business trip. The managing girl said I would stay in a nice suite room with sea view window and fast wi-fi. I did not check it on their site, had no time for that. Well, sea view and wi-fi was exactly like I imagined. But I expected a different suite room…

Point 2: Real-Time Property Availability Calendar

“Call us to check property availability…” has been always a showstopper for me.

First, it might be costly if I call to the other side of the Globe…. Especially when the dates I want are not available and I will be offered other dates during the conversation.

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Second, the other side might speak good native language of its remote village (I might go anywhere actually..) yet bad English…

Third, it might be the other time zone…

Forth, I might be a self-contained or even a dumb person.

In other words, most users prefer to stay “invisible” to the vacation rental manager until they take the decision to finally book a home.

Point 3: Map is your Everything

When I go somewhere for the first time I have no “feeling” of the place… “The nice quiet street at 5 mins walk from the city center” can often be a property owner’s exaggeration. Visual perception is always better. Plus, I can see the surrounding attractions.

Point 4: No Modesty in Property Photo Publishing

Typically when I look through the property photos, I would like to see more of the surroundings.

Once I searched for an apartment in my home city for a foreign friend of mine. I found one which seemed perfect. In the center of the city, with all the facilities, with cable TV, air-conditioner etc. When we got there, we realized, it was a ground floor and from one third of the window we could see the feet of the people walking by the window yet, in the center. The truth be told, the interior was really great! Though a bit not as described…

In other words, travelers looking for vacation rentals are mostly demanding and prefer to find out every detail to avoid surprises when they arrive to the selected place. Giving them maximum information on the website will save your time and help you to get thankful customers, who will contribute to your reputation of professional vacation rental manager.

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Just a Good Must-Have Point

Your properties should really be quality ones and you should really want to make travelers happy. If this wish is natural, natural will be your success!