The Best Online Games to Accompany You at Home

Because it is very easy to access, online games become everyone’s favorite. Especially during this COVID-19 that requires you to stay longer at home. Absolutely, this creates boredom for not being productive. However, you still can use your time to play the best online games in 2020. There are many genres to choose include Strategy, Simulation, Role Playing Game, and Action Adventure. For those who have never tried popular online games, here are some recommendations to accompany you at home.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Which one do you prefer when it comes to playing games online? If you are into both mobile and PC, you should try PUBG. Yup, it’s not a new name in the game industry compared to the other famous games. But this Battle Royale Game gets a lot of attention through Android, iOS, and even Xbox.  If you are not familiar enough about this game, it’s the great place where you have to survive fighting against 100 other players.

Apex Legends

Still on the same Battle Royal genre, there is another hype online game namely Apex Legends. This game provides Free to Play (F2P) system for PCs and consoles. If you are bored with Fortnite, you can explore more through Apex Legend. This is amazing for those who like faster game flow. Besides, there is something challenging that the map doesn’t rely on breadth but mechanics around. One more plus value of this game is the more realistic graphic style. Therefore, you can enjoy both the flow and the picture. Judi Slot

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If you are looking for something more, DOTA 2 is the answer. It is a multiplayer online battle arena or known as MOBA. There are two teams of 5 players that must defend their respective bases on the map. Then each player will control a strong character or hero to fight. If you can collect the items and points for the heroes, then you successfully defeat your enemy. Although it’s not a new one, but DOTA 2 still has a lot of competition and of course the players. So, this online game is still interesting to play today.

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