A Beach Story From Florida’s Gulf of Mexico

A Beach Story From Florida’s Gulf of Mexico

Siesta Key Beach is beauty beyond description. Twice I have rented Florida Vacation homes, both times on a beach. The Siesta Key, Florida vacation Rentals with which, I am familiar have no equal. With exceptional location, they are the epitome of Florida vacation homes. Never to again experience without return, the peaceful late night or early morning walks along the lonely beach lend assistance to one’s inner peace. However, much time have I spent on Siesta Key beach besides when renting a Siesta Key Beach vacation home, many nights I slept on the beach. While working in the area building docks south of Sarasota, often I found refuge along the peaceful shores of the key. After visiting many area beaches Siesta Key Beach has proven to be the most awesome, and safe.

Many nights I would visit Siesta Key. Always anxious to experience the sun setting on the Gulf of Mexico, enjoying it with a fire and some good music creates magic; I long to live it again. Siesta Key’s white sand beaches were the best for this experience. Several months I lived on the beaches of Sarasota and south. When ready I would crawl into my Jeep and fall asleep. Usually waking with the sunrise, I walk the beach before breakfast. On Siesta, often a police officer would check me out to be sure I was not of the criminal element, attesting to the excellent security of the key. Never an issue, I was just a workingman. However, those midnight-hour interruptions led to many moonlight walks along the gentle surf on beaches for which the gulf is famous.

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The distinctiveness of the Gulf of Mexico is that if there is no storm out there somewhere, the waves remain very gentle. The sound of gentle waves lapping upon the shore is a calming effect. Unlike the Atlantic coast with its pounding surf, this is a wonderful change-up to the normal ocean-beach experience. Additionally, the water is clean on the west coast of Florida.

The inter-coastal (the water between the key and the mainland) if it has not rained for a couple of weeks remains remarkably clear. I often took walks in the flats to fish, the very shallow and far-reaching areas of the waterway. Standing still and fishing with water to my waist, it was at first surprising to watch fish swim past my feet. Past shoes, funny because the only time I was wearing shoes is when in the water. For months, until I jumped on that shark boat for three months, no shoes out of the water. The shark expedition is another story I will save for a future writing.

This area of Florida is awe-inspiring and Siesta Key Beach is especially awesome. I would love to move back to the beaches tomorrow, honestly. Although, now I might prefer a beach vacation home to the sand, I still want to enjoy it in anyway I am able.

I will be writing more about the area, from a unique perspective. Many little Keys along the Gulf of Mexico offer a variety of atmospheres. I will tell you about the Siesta Key, Florida vacation rentals that I am aware of and share my time on Englewood Beach and Manasota Key (another favorite stop). I will tell of the drums, the drunks, and the shadows that lurk late at night. However, as I go remember, Siesta Key Beach is world famous for a reason. Florida vacation homes offer dreams that come true. It is going to be fun sharing my gulf explorations with you, so check in later!

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