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Best-Known Places for Family Vacationers in Florida

Best-Known Places for Family Vacationers in Florida

Located in the Southeastern United States, the Sunshine State of Florida is indeed a favorite destination for family vacationers from across the globe. With the many beautiful spots it contained, you cannot dare to miss visiting the place. Evident of this verity are the stunning beaches surrounding the state, particularly the ones on Gulf and Atlantic coasts. Talking about spending family vacation in Florida, the first common thought you may come up with is visiting Orlando. But beyond that, there are still a lot of best-known spots for family vacationers await in Florida.

Below are the best-known places in the entire state of Florida, which acquire the most number of family visits anytime of the year.

Amelia Island: Located in Northeast Florida, the Amelia Island is a famed destination of family vacationers visiting Florida. The island is surrounded by lovely beaches and a quaint town to explore. Also waiting is the historic fort filled with actors playing period roles. It has all the perfect spots to spend quality vacation with families and friends, especially on holidays.

Central Florida: This is now where Orlando comes in. Among the many cities in Florida, Orlando irrefutably appears to be the most famous destination in terms of family vacations. The place is promising more fun offers to family vacationers including Disney World extras — fireworks, live shows, water parks and theme parks. Apart from the famous Disney World, Orlando also has other major family-friendly spots like the Discovery Cove.

Space Coast: Still located near Orlando at exactly 45 minutes east, Florida’s Space Coast is regarded as a 72 miles of shore with cute towns like Cocoa and beautiful beaches. It also contains the famous Kennedy Space Center. Eco-tours such as the saltwater estuaries, marshes and 250 sq. miles of wildlife refuges are also available in the coast to explore.

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Club Med Sandpiper Bay: Accessible by a two-hour flight from Miami or Orlando, Club Med Sandpiper Bay is an all inclusive resort in the US, perfectly designed for family vacationers with kids. The place contains family and kid friendly-atmosphere with outstanding programs for kids and Baby Club Med. Other exciting activities you can do at Club Med Sandpiper Bay include trapeze, sailing, inline skating and golf.

Orlando Resorts: Enormous resorts are surrounding Orlando awaiting family vacationers to offer excellent accommodation while having fun with the nearby attraction sites. Ranging from Value to Luxury, a total of 22 themed Disney World resorts bestow a superb set of extras per se the Universal Orlando, with two theme parks and popular rides. More hotels, resorts and vacation houses surround these fun places all designed to offer comfort to every guest.

Aside from Orlando resorts, family vacationers visiting Orlando and other cities inside Florida, usually opt to stay in vacation homes, where they are provided with inclusive services, facilities and ambiance, similar to that of a real abode.