Culturally Diversified But Linguistically Unified

Culturally Diversified But Linguistically Unified

Canada is famous for its maple leaves, oak trees, orchards, golf courses and diverse provinces. Diverse as each province has a different culture a different set of traditions, customs, rules etc without any link between any two of them. Some are so much diverse that they even follow a different set of languages amongst a given territory and boundary. It is a place which can easily accommodate people from all sorts of interests namely for the enthusiastic, adventurous, laid-back types and for the energetic as well, as it has a plethora of variations in the kind of activities it provides to its tourists. The weather conditions are generally pleasant except for the few months of the year when it snows incessantly and normal life comes to a standstill.

In the scenic province of British Columbia lies a paradise know as Thompson Okanagan which is also nicknamed as land of the gods chiefly because of its vast rows of orchards with succulent and juicy fruits, sandy beaches and its narrow water lakes make it an ideal destination to relax, refresh and unwind far from the common din. It also has provisions for the sport types who are much into playing of leisure sports namely golf, polo and who wish to indulge in kayak, swimming, boating and even rafting as well. This destination has so much to offer right from the natural greenery and surroundings till the exquisite taste of the freshly fermented vintage wines, which are obtained from the wineries and the wine yards, which are abundant in this region.

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The weather conditions and the surrounding environment of Thompson Okanagan make it as a hot spot for vacationers al the year round with a bounty of nature along with a dash of modernity in its outlook. No wonder it tops the chart among the various holidaying destinations in the American sub-continent mainly because of its diversified profile. In the entire province of British Columbia, the chief language being English is also substituted in certain region with French due to the cultural differences of the natives of this province.

Another of the many communities, which this province is abounded with, is Westbank, which is a district municipality of British Columbia and is centrally located in the province. For many years, it did not have an independent government of its own and shared its governance with its neighboring areas due to the lack of majority and no electoral weight age granted to it. The main attractions of this region are golf courses, ski resorts, orchards and lakes, which are at a short distance from a centrally located Crystal Ski Resort and serve as places of tourism and attraction. Vacation home rentals proved worth a place to stay while visiting or on vacation with family or friends. Vacation rentals are a relief who visit with family on tight budget to part of Canada. There is also an aquatic centre, which consists of a swimming pool, skating area, and sports fields, and other such group sport activities, which have been utilized by all and sundry for entertainment purposes. Post its declaration as a district Westbank has seen a major increase in the economic growth and is poised to increase in the near future.

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