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Exotic Vacation Rentals

Exotic Vacation Rentals

Travel is an adventure. In fact, that is why some us travel. Not for the relaxation, not for the change of scenery and routine, but purely for the adventures that await.

Working day to day can be extremely boring. All of us need an adrenalin rush from time to time. There are things you can do with your vacation time that have nothing to do with relaxation.

Today’s vacation getaways include mountain climbing, white-water rafting, sky-diving, bungee jumping, zip-line tours, hiking Machu Picchu, hot-air ballooning, dog sledding and sub-orbital space flights just to mention a few. Virgin Galactic is testing sub-orbital flights, so one day soon we can even vacation in space!

The baby boomers, healthier and more vigorous than retirees of past generations, are seeking vacation destinations that fit their active lifestyles. Countless travel sites on the Internet are catering to these boomers and capturing their share of this growing market.

In my opinion, a vacation can be considered exotic in terms of destination, exotic in terms of what you do when you arrive or exotic in terms of both destination and activities.

Vacation rentals offer exotic destinations and opportunities for exotic activities. Why not get the most bang for your buck by traveling to an exotic destination with opportunities for exotic activities?

Here are some examples. Sint Maarten is perhaps one of the most exotic Caribbean destinations and quite unique. Here’s why. Formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, it is now one of four constituent countries that comprise the Kingdom of the Netherlands. More accurately, half an island, with the other half (Saint-Martin) being a French overseas collectivity. The range of cultural influences that can be experienced in Sint Maarten are vast. Originally inhabited around 800AD by Arawak Indians from South America and then a later migration of Carib Indians, it has been ruled by a succession of countries, including Spain, England, France and of course, most recently, the Netherlands. English is the most commonly spoken language. Travel between the Dutch and French halves of the island is largely unrestricted and affords you the unique opportunity to make a side by side comparison of cultures. The cuisine is rich and varied with French, Spanish, Caribbean and Dutch influences. The beaches are magnificent and duty free shopping abounds. A fantastic selection of vacation rentals are available with a variety of price points.

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Try Bolivia’s “Road of Death” for the penultimate adrenalin rush. The actual name of this one lane road is the Yungas road, so named because it traverses the Yungus forest on the eastern slope of the Bolivian Andes. This road claims the lives of up to 300 people annually. Unless you are an authentic adrenalin junkie, you might want to take a pass. This road offers some of the most spectacular views available anywhere on the globe. It’s 69 kilometers of heart-stopping thrills are rivaled by the panoramic views of the forested Bolivian Andes slopes, vertical canyons reaching depths of 800 meters and sheer drop offs that will leave you breathless. Built in 1936 by Paraguayan POW’s, it earned the “most dangerous road in the world” honors from the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995.