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How to Be a PRINCE2 Project Manager

The term ‘project’ has different connotations for each individual.  Some of these are more common than others.  For example, someone who has been involved in similar endeavor in the past may equate project internals with the same thing as the past project.  The individual may have been involved in a past project and it didn’t go well.  Documentation for the same is often one of two (if there is any documentation at all) that is used in any project.  The other is the training they received in that project.  The best project managers take training and documentation proficiency to the next level. As on a prince2 Course London qualification.

In order to be a project manager in this day and age, there are three steps that are necessary to be a competent and successful project manager.  Firstly, the project manager must make sure that the needs can be resolved.  Presenting an underground mining head to the company about how much material is to be mined during the latest excavation is not going to be the best decision that they will ever make.  The company wants to make sure that the earth is going to be suitable for mining.  If you think the earth is of sufficient quality, that the mining head looks like it will work, and that you’ve got the jack and the drill, then you have made the best decision possible.

The next thing you must do is make sure that when you have made the decision to do so, that you’re absolutely certain of it, and right down to the bottom.  If you’re not absolutely convinced, however, a few minutes go by and you then give it some more thought and then add it to your to do list.  This is also known as the “but w*ell you w*en off”.  This will complete the decision to do so.  You should never allow a preconception of logic to stop you before you superiors are willing to admit that you were right.

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The third step is to consciously limit yourself to your first and reason.  That means no more than two of which are available.  I believe in walking around with the intent to get a different perspective on one of these.  Most times, the perspective will be from a different place than the one your cubicle in.  Do not be afraid to step away from your safety zone and take another look so that you can protect yourself from injury or even death.  This is also one of most important steps in taking the steps needed to be a project manager.

The extension of this exercise further can be as simple as having a break from your work environment to de-stress.  The best food or beverage can even have the reverse effect of removing the stress and priming the mind for the mind.  Treating yourself with respect, always, will leave you feeling better about yourself and your job, than if you treat yourself as an ill-treated child.  When your mind is ready to deal with the reality of any project you are taking on, it can deal with problems that no Happy Parents Story book can.  The difference in the appropriate training techniques and practical real life scenarios is positively apparent and highly recommended!