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St George Island – Unspoiled and Beautiful

St George Island – Unspoiled and Beautiful

See some of the most beautiful sights and places inside this 22 mile barrier island! St. George Island is a span of white coast that has been an excellent place for many interesting activities you can do here. In fact, it’s considered one of the last frontiers among the barrier islands that are in Florida. You can be assured that beach related activities make fun more worthwhile.

The Gulf is great for many water activities. Fishing is foremost in the minds of many visitors but never forget that there is still more to do besides fishing. For others, shelling and beachcombing are interesting enough for them. Aside from these you can go to the beach and take a leisurely swim or maybe snorkel for a bit.

For accommodations, visitors can rent a selection of plantation homes or other rustic beach cottages that are pet friendly. Your well behaved pets are allowed to roam the beaches of St. George Island. Island visitors can take a St. George Island vacation rental that is already a multi-story home at the beach.

It’s awesome to dip in the sea and savor the coolness of the Apalichola Bay. There is the untouched marshes that are teeming with wildlife. Visitors who want to view wildlife would head to the marshes and try their luck in spotting a rare animal. Not far from the place you are staying is a 79 foot tower called the St George Island Lighthouse. It is located at the heart of the island.

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If you are to get amused on a vacation, just imagine the stretch of beach that’s very serene! But that’s not all you can see in this barrier island. There’s the St. George Island State Park that has sandy coves, marshes, forest, splendid dunes and a white span of shoreline of 9 miles! Observe that it has fantastic board walk and more hiking trails than what you’ve expected.

Indeed, this is a lovely island. Take that well-deserved break here at St. George Island!