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Stopping Over at the Town of Murals – Downtown Lake Placid Florida

Stopping Over at the Town of Murals – Downtown Lake Placid Florida

Also known as the Caladium Capital of the World, the historical Lake Placid is yet another perfect place to visit when you are in Florida. It is offering every visitor with scenic views and distinct boutiques and shops showcasing unique clothing, arts, crafts, gifts and antiques. Specifically located in the South Central Florida, this small district named Lake Placid now has over forty murals that embellish every building structure in the town, making it the “Town of Murals”.

Overview of what is within the Downtown Lake Placid

Unique boutiques and shops — To the locales, the Downtown area is thought of as the Uptown, where everyone, including tourists is given the privilege to shop for unique items and goods from the unique stores and shops surrounding the vicinity of the town.

Clean ambiance — Aside from beauty, another best thing about Lake Placid is its maintained clean ambiance. This is one factor that augments the beauty of the place. What make cleanliness possible in here are the unique and urbane trash containers that are strewn around the town.

Clown Replicas — Another surprising view that would surely capture your interest when you are inside the downtown area the fence with more the twenty-five clowns in which the majority are replicas, residing in Lake Placid. All these are courtesy of Toby’s Clown School, which makes the town’s acquisition of more clowns per capita even more promising and better than any other town in the state of Florida. This school was founded in the year 1993, by a person named Keith Stokes also known as “Toby”.

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Historical Museums – the Museum is freely accessible by the public from Mondays through Saturday from 1:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. Here you can get a chance to witness several remarkable items as such with turn-of-the-century clothing and antique furnishing.

Caladium Festival — Lake Placid bestowed the title as the Caladium Capital of the World because of the many caladium plants naturally growing in the place ever since the year 1940s. In connection to this reality, Lake Placid celebrates one of its major annual events called the Caladium Festival, happening every August, particularly held in the last full weekend. The festival showcases a wonderful opportunity for anyone to witness various caladium fields and grab a share of caladium crafts offered.

The state of Florida is indeed rich with water resources. And this is true in Lake Placid. As a matter, more than morals and caladium, the Lake placid also offers every tourist twenty-nine freshwater lakes where anyone can enjoy fishing, waterskiing, boating and do a lot more of exciting water activities. This is the rationale behind the undying visits of many hikers.