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Summer Team Building Ideas for Your Team

Imagine you’re coming to the office early in the morning. You’re grumpy and nervous and everything around you looks so grim. Right at the moment you’re pouring yourself a cup of coffee, mad you even had to wake up and go out of your warm and comfy bed, your coworker comes to tell you a joke he just heard. And even you still think you should have stayed in your bed and skipped work altogether, your mood starts to improve and you feel a bit better.
We will ask you to imagine another situation as well. Imagine you screwed something pretty bad and you’re afraid your manager will find out and give you a hard time about it. Luckily, you have that special coworker who’s ready to back you up and help you walk out of the situation like it never happened.
Coworkers are super important.
Humans are social animals and they need a company to maintain a healthy and quality life. We spend the majority of our time at work and our coworkers become our family as soon as we say “work”. That’s why we should strive towards understanding each other and getting to know each other better.
Companies around the globe realized the importance of teamwork and that’s why they spend so much money and effort investing in team building activities. Team buildings are one of the best ways to improve employee engagement and decrease employee retention. That’s why we researched and decided to offer you a few summer team buildings for your team.
Water guns’ battle is among the most awesome summer team building ideas we heard so far.
Everybody has that “special someone” at work who simply annoys them too much. Maybe it’s about playing loud music, or too much procrastination or it’s something else completely… Whatever the case is, we understand it. That’s why we suggest having your team fight with water guns as an awesome way to relieve stress and tension in the office while making sure nobody gets hurt.
Orienteering is a great way to make your team bond.
You would be surprised how big role trust plays when it comes to business. You, as an employer, are trusting new hire to possess knowledge, passion and motivation to do assigned part of the job. In fact, employee accountability is one of the ways to improve employee’s productivity and engagement at work too!
Trust is pretty important between coworkers too! Everyone should feel comfortable with one another and be sure everyone is capable of finishing their part of the job or even be able to “jump in” when something unpredictable happens. That’s why we suggest orienteering as a way of building trust between coworkers. In this case, coworkers really need to work together and it definitely builds trust.
Going to the beach is one of the most enjoyable summer team building ideas.
If you’re looking for the way to blend creativity and teamwork, we got you! Going to a beach where everyone from the team has the opportunity to make its own sand sculpture is an amazing way to work on your team’s creativity which actually plays a great role when it comes to solving problems and finding new ways to improve your business.
Let your team make a movie about your company.
We believe everyone has the story worth telling. At work, we’re often forced to be with people different from us by their interests, age, skills, etc. And that’s the beauty of it – by working in different environments and different people, we’re broadening our horizons which makes us more productive and creative.
An awesome team building idea for your team to try this summer would be making a movie about you and your company. All you need is a camera and the set is ready!
City Scramble will make your team excited for quite some time.
If you don’t have a big budget for a team building, City Scramble is a great option for you. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a car. You need to set out the scenario with a task of finding some object scattered across the city. Make your team break into a few different teams and let them find their way around the city and the game can begin.
Gardening helps your team bond in a better way.
Besides being an extremely calming activity having an awesome garden in the office is an awesome asset.
If you have enough space, we suggest you take some time with your team to go gardening and plant some flowers, trees in it. You can even repaint your outside area together. And what’s better – everyone can enjoy it later.
Engaging in some CSR activities are always a plus.
Why don’t you combine an awesome team bonding experience with humane action? You can take your team to build dog or cat houses for stray animals, help clean some park or raise money for some charity. This is an amazing way to make everyone feel good about the things they’re doing and bond at the same time.
Just like every team needs team building, every employee needs to have a regular vacation.
Taking a regular vacation is super important. Taking some time off from works enables every employee to be more productive after coming back to work and it rises employee engagement and motivation.
But, before you say “yes” to holidays make sure you track your employee’s time off by installing a vacation tracker software! We suggest Vacation Tracker as the perfect solution which lets you track your employees days off effortlessly. You just need to add it to your Slack account and you’re ready to take your vacation tracking system to the next level. And what’s better, you don’t need to pay it for the first 14 days!
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