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Top 5 Reasons Why People Love to Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love to Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando

Aside from Disney World, there are still a lot of beautiful sites Orlando has to offer to its many visitors. Among the mostly visited attraction sites are the Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, and International Drive. But the fun does not end there. There are still plenty of alternative destinations that best suit the needs of every traveler. Evident of this is the splendid vacation experience you can get from visiting Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.

There are a lot of reasons as to why Orlando travelers never missed to stop at Discovery Cove. Among the most common reasons are as follow:

1. Presence of Dolphin Lagoon. One of the highlights of Discovery Cove is its Dolphin Lagoon, wherein visitors are given a chance to experience a 30-minute interactive adventure swimming with several bottlenose dolphins. Such activity will give you a more relaxing and personalized experienced with the interesting dolphins.

2. Coral Reef Sighting. Aside from swimming with dolphins, another exciting activity you can do at the Discovery Cove is snorkeling through one of the largest collections of marine life like Discovery Cove’s Coral Reef. Here, you can follow colorful schools of tropical fish. You too, can swim among hundreds of downy, attractive rays. One good thing of snorkeling at the Coral Reef is the unlimited time given for you to explore the marine life and reefs within it. Aside from Coral Reef, you too, can get a chance to see the Barracuda and Shark tanks, hidden underwater with real barracudas and sharks inside.

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3. Tropical River Floating and Aviary Sighting. Here you can enjoy trip floating down the tropical river circles through the park, wherein you will encounter beautiful beaches, rocky lagoons and abundant vegetation. One spot you should not missed to visit while venturing down the Tropical River is the Aviary. In the Aviary, you will be impressed with the sighting of over 250 exotic birds, where you can hand feed and interact with. You will know when you reached the park’s aviary as you enter under the little waterfall. Aside from the tropical river, you too, can get to the aviary by land.

4. Ravenous Rays Feeding. Not only the bottlenose dolphins but also the ravenous rays are visible in Discovery Cove. This is such a perfect experience for adventurous vacationers, including you. Prior to the actual hand feeding, a trainer will go ahead entering the saltwater Ray Lagoon, to communicate with various species of rays in it. Feeding demonstration will also be initially conducted and within seconds, the ravenous rays unite in a feeding frenzy. Those who wish to hand feed a ray will be given fresh fish sections.

5. All-in-One Admission Package. Here at Orlando’s Discovery Cove, you can avail an all-in-one package in a single admission price. Thus, aside from the featured attractions within the site, drinks and food for breakfast, lunch and snacks are also available. Special foods ranging from salads and sandwiches to variety of fresh seafood and pasta are served. Foods for kids are also served including macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders and hot dogs. Snacks range from fresh fruits and delicious desserts. Orlando’s Discovery Cove really has something for everyone.

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There are still more to discover at the Discovery Cove, but before you visit the place, be sure to secure a vacation home in Orlando to accommodate you well after doing an incredible marine escapade at the park.