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Traveling Abroad With A Baby In Tow

Traveling Abroad With A Baby In Tow

Often times, there can be nothing more frustrating for a parent than to have to travel overseas with a screaming, crying baby. You have to deal with them on airplanes, drag them through customs at airports, and hold them while you try and check in at hotels. However, there are a few tips parents can think about if they are planning on traveling with an infant. You will need your passport to travel overseas. Also, a passport for babies is now required for infants traveling internationally with their parents. This is done to prevent child abductions.

New Requirements

In the past, it was not a requirement for infants to have to possess a United States passport for international travel. However, due to the recent phenomenon of child abductions taking place all over the world, it is now a law that babies traveling with their parents must have a valid passport. Fortunately, getting your baby a passport is a relatively simple procedure that, if you follow the correct instructions, will take very little time to process. You will have to obtain the proper forms and fill them out. Then you will need to show authorities the correct documentation to prove that your child is, in fact, a United States citizen. This is the easy part compared with the actual travel you will have to do with your baby.

How To Choose An Airline

You should think about, when selecting an airline, if they offer any special amenities for passengers traveling with small infants. Some airlines will allow people with an infant priority boarding which can be very beneficial. That way you can get settled and make sure the baby is comfortable, instead of standing in a long line waiting to be seated with a crying baby. Flight attendants are also, usually, very helpful to parents traveling with young children.

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Young Children

Thankfully, if you have a child that is under the age of two they are permitted to sit in your lap during the duration of the flight. This will let you avoid having to haul a cumbersome car-seat through the airport for your baby to sit in on the plane. Another good idea is the hands free, baby carrier that parents can employ when making their way through a crowded airport.

Infant Luggage

Another cool thing you can do for your child while traveling is to allow them to have their own luggage. Children love nothing more than to imitate their parents, and by allowing them to roll their own suitcases through an airport it will make them feel more grown up. This is also a good idea because if they get tired of pulling it, you can perch them atop the rolling luggage and use it as a stroller. Plus, you will have extra luggage if you need to put anything else in it while you are traveling.

Staying Organized

Organization is the most critical thing for parents to worry about when traveling abroad with a baby in tow. This will allow you to remain stress free when handling all of the obstacles that come with international travel. By keeping all of your baby items together you will be able to quickly access them should you need to.