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Unique Places – And Ways – To Get Married Around The World

Unique Places – And Ways – To Get Married Around The World

Not every couple is based on tradition. Instead, many couples are a little less typical, and these couples might want to celebrate their wedding in an equally less typical fashion. It’s an increasing trend to abandon the model wedding and opt for a wedding that’s a little more avant-garde. Many desire to have their weddings in a place that holds special significance to them. Then there are those that just want their wedding to be as unique and memorable as possible. If you feel that you and your loved one models either of these couples, global destinations exists that can really make your wedding unforgettable. Your first step is acquiring expedited passport services online.

Many times the couple has a list of significant places in mind where they would consider getting married. However, there may be some places you haven’t considered, and the following are just a few ways to celebrate your wedding outside the box.

In Quebec, Canada, lies the Hotel de Glace. This hotel features a chapel which, like the hotel in its entirety, is made one hundred percent out of ice. This hotel is reconstructed each year with the season. The Absolut Icebar, located in England, is another place to have a white wedding. This location is also made completely out of ice, the likes of which is collected from a river in Sweden known for its pure waters.

For the couples that are looking to keep the theme of their wedding darker, consider having it in a Medieval castle or fortress. While castles certainly do hold the typical prince and princess imagery, images of Count Dracula and ghosts can also be associated with castles. And some castles are more haunted than others. The Arundel castle, found in England, has on display the rosary beads worn by Mary, Queen of Scots, during her beheading.

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Marriage in the Sky, and other similar companies, offer the opportunity to have your wedding take place in the air. Air located 164 off the ground, that is. The entire party is hoisted up on a platform, where the whole ceremony takes place. And if you and your loved one are feeling particularly daring, take a bungee jump from the platform!

An underwater wedding is another possibility. Imagine getting married with fish and all sorts of other marine life swimming within reach. A scuba diving wedding or even a wedding in an underwater hotel can make this possible. If, however, you want to keep you and your company dry, consider getting married on a large yacht or a cruise ship.

Like previously mentioned, international weddings require the accompaniment of a passport. However, don’t let this keep you from having your dream wedding, as it is a lot easier than it used to be. Online passport shopping is a snap, and they offer all sorts of services, like adding pages to your USA passport.

If you dread the idea of a cookie-cutter wedding, there are tons of places around the world where you can make your wildest wedding ideas come into being. Everything, from theme parks to fast food chains and zoos to hot air balloons, is a possibility open for interpretation.