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Update Your Passport With Expedited Passport Pages

Update Your Passport With Expedited Passport Pages

Passports are good for 10 years and for most people, the pages that are supplied are more than enough to suffice. However, for those lucky world travelers and people who have to leave the country on a regular basis for business, the normal supply of pages may not do the trick. If you are looking at the passport and there is no more room, get some extra pages by using the expedited passport pages service.

In order to get expedited passport pages, the Internet is probably the best way to go. There are a variety of agencies available to get them from and just about everything can be handled through the mail or over the Internet. Of course, nothing comes for free and the quicker that the pages are needed, the more they are going to cost.

Many of the online sites will have the passport information and forms right on their website to fill out. If it is something that has to be mailed in, the forms can be downloaded, filled out and then mailed in. However, make sure to pay attention to all the details that are required to be assured of the order being accepted. Also, be aware that any passport that has less than a year to go will need to be renewed instead of having pages added to it.

Because there are certain situations that can arise with short or little notice, such as an overseas death in the family, services such as this may be needed without prior knowledge. When this happens, most of these agencies will offer special expedited service to accommodate the individual. There may actually be a waiver of the fees for emergency situations.

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After all of the forms have been filled out, the next step is to gather documentation that is needed and the mailing out of everything. It should go without saying, but make sure that a reliable overnight service is used when mailing out these sensitive documents. This will provide proof of delivery and tracking information to be able to be sure that everything was received at its intended destination.

Not only will the documents be more secure by using this, but it will also speed up the entire process. This can be critical, especially when using expedited services because this can be due to an emergency situation. The last thing that anyone wants in a case like this is to have to wait any longer than already necessary for their passport pages.

If all services are being provided by a government agency, the fees are only about $60. However, there are private agencies that offer even quicker service if needed and their fees will be over and above what the government is already charging. Again, the quicker that the pages are needed, the more it is going to cost to get them delivered.