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US Passport Expediting Services Available To Assist You

US Passport Expediting Services Available To Assist You

If you’re a United States (US) citizen and you plan to travel outside of the country, you’ll have to obtain a current passport. You can start by going to a US post office which offers the service on behalf of the federal government which oversees issuance of US passports. You’ll fill out forms, provide certain documents, and pay a fee. You can expect to receive your passport in about six weeks on average, but if you have an urgent need to get it sooner, you can pay an additional expedite fee and most likely receive it within two to three weeks. If you need it quicker than that, you can apply through a US Passport Expediting Services company.

First time adult applicants must complete Form DS-11. Adults applying for renewal must complete Form DS-82. Documentation of citizenship must be presented, and two identical photos are required.

The federal government establishes the application fees, which are subject to change. Currently, the rate for a first time adult application is $135. Renewals for adults cost $110. And extra, optional $60 expedite fee is charged if the applicant needs a quicker processing and delivery turnaround. And if you opt for the overnight delivery, you can expect to pay another $15.

While the federal government sets the fees, processes the applications, and ultimately issues the passports, there are private companies for hire that offer assistance to applicants. Most often these companies charge additional fees for their services, and offer much quicker delivery than the government. Many companies advertise their services online, making it convenient to compare what they offer.

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The fee you can expect to pay for the fast delivery, in addition to the standard government processing fees, is likely to vary depending on how fast of a delivery you want. Many services offer a range, anywhere from 24 hours up to two weeks. Usually the longer you’re willing to wait, the less you have to pay. A rate of $200 for priority delivery within three to five days appears to be fairly standard.

The expediting services company offer help not just for adult applicants wishing to apply for or renew/replace their passports. They assist with applications related to name changes, for children, and for acquiring additional passport pages. The charges may depend on the service you request. If you aren’t able to find the information on their website, you can inquire over the phone.

Comparison shopping is often a good idea, especially when there are so many options to choose from. You may find the rates are comparable no matter which business you go with. However, it never hurts to negotiate and ask if they are willing to beat their competitor’s prices. Check references to be sure the business is legitimate, especially when you’re entrusting your private, personal information with the business operators.