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What To Do If Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen

What To Do If Your Passport Is Lost Or Stolen

Passports are required for all people who are traveling outside the United States of America. If you do not have a passport you will not be granted access into another country. You can even be denied reentry into America if you do not have a valid passport. Since passports are such a vital part of international travel it is imperative that you make sure they stay safe and secure when you travel abroad. If you have a lost or stolen American passport you will need to make arrangements to procure a new passport before traveling anywhere.

Common Happening

Having a passport stolen is a very common occurrence. However, you would not know that because they American government does not want they exact figures of stolen passports made public as a matter of national security. No matter what country you are traveling to, you need to take extra good care of your passport. In our increasingly globalize d world, the theft of travelers passports is only going to become more and more prevalent. It is important to remain vigilant in guarding your passport when overseas.

What Can Happen

It is the sole duty of every American citizen to make sure that their passport does not fall into the wrong hands. It can be a national security nightmare for a terrorist to get their hands on a valid United States passport. There is no telling the damage that this scenario could cause. It is so important for American travelers to be aware of this potential danger.

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What To Do

No matter what, if you misplace your passport there are certain steps you must make sure to take. First, you have to notify the proper authorities that your passport might have been stolen. However, before you do this make absolutely sure you do not still have your passport. Once you report it as missing the authorities will red flag it and it will become invalid. They do this to avoid anyone using it for fraudulent activity.

Reporting A Stolen Passport

After you have reported your passport as being stolen you can begin the process of getting a replacement. First, you will have to produce the report which documents your original passport as being stolen or lost. Then, just like with the original, you will have to provide documentation that proves you are a citizen of the United States of America. You can use a driver’s license, birth certificate or social security card for this. If you are in the unfortunate position where you need your replacement passport to be expedited you will have to show an intent of travel statement.

During Travel

Even if you have your passport stolen while you are traveling overseas there are ways to get a replacement. Again, you will have to contact the local authorities and make them aware of your situation. Hopefully, you are able to get to an American embassy. They will be able to help you most efficiently. In some instances, the American embassy can help American citizens get their replacement passports in as little as 24 hours.

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