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Essential Safety Items for Your Car

Being prepared is all about having what you need on hand to help you cope with common problems that will probably arise at some point. Because you likely spend quite a bit of time in your car, it’s important to keep a few essentials under the seat or in the trunk.

Cleaning Up

Every now and then, you’re going to spill something in your car. If you’re lucky, it will just be water, but Murphy’s law suggests that it’s going to be a chocolate milkshake. Keep basic cleaning supplies in your trunk such as a towel and wet wipes. To deal with sticky situations quickly, keep a grab hook with rubber tip, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a few napkins in the console. You won’t be sorry to have a few plastic grocery bags stuffed under a seat either.

Fixing Up

Flying rocks on the freeway or a mean curve ball at the park can break or even shatter a window. Because of the safety glass installed in cars, there’s a good chance the glass will mostly stay attached to a hanging netting. Keep a roll of duct tape in the trunk to secure that plastic bag you stowed under the seat or to strengthen loose glass pieces until you can call a window repair company. A can of tire inflator/sealer is also super handy to help you limp into a nearby service station which is definitely preferable to being stranded on the side of the highway.

Taking Care

Every car needs a flashlight with working batteries. Yes, you can download an app onto your cell phone, but it gets tricky to shine the light where you want it and call roadside assistance at the same time. Plus, lights make you more visible on the side of the road, and you sure don’t want to run your phone battery down with an energy-sucking app. Attach a little escape tool under the driver’s seat or in the console. These wonder tools can break a window and cut a seatbelt in an emergency.

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There’s no need to keep a complete tool set in your trunk – especially if you’re not handy at working on cars. It is important to keep a few essential items in your vehicle and then hope you never need them.