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What to Expect From a Charter Flight

Charter flights can be a real luxury, especially if you’ve never been on one before. Private plane charter services come with many benefits and fun add-ons compared to regular commercial flights. Here are some of the advantages you might experience with a charter flight.

Your Own Schedule

Since you’ve rented out the entire plane, you get to depart at the best time for your personal schedule. No more rushing to the airport at three in the morning to catch a flight. Instead, you can assign when the plane will be taking off. It is not affected by the airport’s regular schedule.

Destination Options

Not only do you get to plan when your plane departs, but you can decide exactly where it will go. There’s no need to deal with obnoxious layovers in cities on a route that takes you well out of your way. A charter flight can take you straight to where you want to go.


Believe it or not, you can usually drive right up to your plane if you take a charter flight. There is an entirely separate hangar for charter flights, and these don’t require going through the hassle of security with everyone else. You’ll avoid the crowds, and you won’t need to leave hours before your flight to make sure you have time to reach the gate.

Personalized Service

When you take a charter flight, you can take whoever you want with you as passengers, and you can decide what services will be provided. You can choose whatever menu you want or bring in food from your favorite restaurant to enjoy on the flight. Many flights also offer WiFi and access to satellite television. You’ll be entertained and in comfort for your whole ride.

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These are just a few of the luxuries enjoyed by those on charter flights. You can ask your charter company what they might offer specially.