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3 Perfect Non-Book Gifts for the Reader in Your Life

If you know people who enjoy reading, whether they are a significant other, relatives or friends, it might sound easy to gift them books. However, you may not exactly know their literature preferences enough to purchase the best items. Additionally, you might want to give them something that instead complements their passion. Consider the following ideas for creative reader gifts.


A basic and helpful tool for many readers, a bookmark helps them maintain their progress in a book, especially if they are frequently interrupted by other events. While any paper slip can fulfill this function, you can take it up to the next level. Magnetic bookmarks lock that place in the book without the risk of slipping out, while adjustable elastic bookmarks save the specific word or paragraph location. Customized bookmarks also add a personal touch that makes the gift thoughtful and special.

2. Personal Library Kits

You may know people who own enough books to open a small library and they may even lend them to others. These transactions can get complicated, making it easy to lose track of a book. Help them with this issue by gifting them a personal library kit. These packages include basic library tools such as a date stamp, checkout cards and attachable card pockets. These items help your loved ones organize their books and have fun in operating their own small library.

3. Headphones

The book lovers in your life may not appreciate noise interruptions. They might concentrate better if they listen to slow, pleasant music and isolate themselves from their surroundings. A headphone set is the ideal solution to this problem, since it blocks out all background sound and plays any desired music. Headphones are also an excellent choice for those who prefer audiobooks and want to listen to the narration in high-quality sound.

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Giving books to readers is a safe choice, but not the only one. Enhance your loved ones’ passion for reading with these non-book gift suggestions.