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7 Reasons Why Investing in Vail is a Smart Move

7 Reasons Why Investing in Vail is a Smart Move

Purchasing property in beautiful Vail, Colorado, offers many benefits to the buyer including seven we’ll mention here. Property values over the past few years have retreated from their all-time high levels making Vail and surrounding communities a much better value for investor and traditional home owner alike.

1. You like the area — You have to be a big fan of winter if you choose Vail because snow is part of every day life for about half the year. When the snow melts, the town ramps up its cultural offerings, hosting numerous art and musical festivals until the slopes open up again in November.

2. You love nature — Vail residents are sensitive to the environment and the impact that they have on the area. That’s why new construction is carefully planned, allowing for natural setbacks and smart land use. Strike out on your own to track bear, deer, mountain goats and other wildlife or join up with the Vail Nature Center, provider of guided tours throughout the area.

3. You want privacy, but prize accessibility — Some Vail homes are smack in the middle of town, offering foot access to shops and the slopes. Other homes are tucked away, providing a high level of privacy. In both cases area homes are less than two hours away from the Denver metropolitan area, the most important metropolis in the Mountain West.

4. You want to relax — You can lose the hustle and bustle of life once you’re living in Vail. Life is fast going down the slopes, on the trails and around the rink, but that is something of your own doing. The Tyrolean look of Vail village hearkens to a relaxing, bygone era although you’re never completely cut off from the world no matter where you travel these days.

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5. You love history — The Vail ski resort was opened in 1962 and the town incorporated in 1966, but nearby communities including Minturn trace their origins to when the railroad first crossed through the area in the 1880s. Abandoned mines and Native American artifacts can be found across the Vail Valley, underscoring the rich history of Vail Valley.

6. You want to invest — Though home to 4,500 permanent residents, an additional 5,000 people consider Vail their second home, having invested in condos or a vacation home to get their stake in the community. From one bedroom condominiums to lavish estates, the housing stock in Vail Valley is diverse.

7. You want to leave a legacy — Whether purchasing your home as a vacation retreat, primary residence or as an investment, your property can be of lasting value to your heirs including your children and grandchildren. Of course, you need to work with your tax attorney to make sure that your Vail home passes to your children with a minimum tax burden.

Beyond Vail proper, there are many communities to consider including East Vail, West Vail, Minturn, Eagle, Basalt, Red Cliff and others. Home prices range from the tens of millions down to the 200s, a wide variety of properties for your consideration.