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Essential Supplies to Get for Your New Boat

As much as buying a boat is exciting, for first-time buyers, there is a lot to learn. One has to learn how to maintain it properly, to boat safely, and the accessories they should always have. These accessories help ensure your boating experience goes smoothly. If you are new to this, here are a few essential accessories you should always have.

Floatation Devices

This is one of the most important boating accessories you should always have. Any items that fall under this category are vital in saving one’s life if there is an accident. If you are not sure where to get them, you can check various Ontario Boat Dealerships whether they sell boating supplies. Items that are considered floatation devices include throw cushions, life jackets, and floatation gear.

Flare Guns

An emergency can happen anytime, and it is good to have handheld flares or a flare gun. They will come in handy when you have to send out a visual signal to get help. A flare gun shoots out a bright flare that stays visible for an extended time once it is launched. It makes it easy for a search and rescue party to locate you.

Sound Devices

Your new boat needs to have a sound device like a horn, bell, or whistle. In case of an emergency, you can use it to call for help, especially if there are people nearby.

A GPS Device

Having a compass or a GPS device in your boat can help you navigate the waters. Not only that, but if you get lost, finding your way back will be easy.

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First Aid Kit

Have a basic first aid kit containing bandages, cream, gauze, sterile gloves, painkillers, scissors, and cleansing wipes. In case someone is hurt as you boat, you can offer them first aid services for the moment till you get to a hospital.

The above accessories are just the basics of what you need. However, it is also important to confirm with the coast guard authorities to know what you should carry.