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Costa Rica Beach Rentals in Cahuita

Costa Rica Beach Rentals in Cahuita

Cahuita is a perfect place for beach holiday. It is a small beach town on the Caribbean Coast side of Costa Rica. Beach rentals are in abundance in this small city, but they always remain in high demand. The exotic beaches of Cahuita pull people from every part of the world making it one of the best beach towns in Latin America to visit.

Why demand for Costa Rica beach rentals is on the rise in Cahuita?

Getting to Cahuita, which is merely 43 kilometers away from Puerto Limon, is not difficult. This is the reason behind such a high volume of tourist traffic to the city. People come to this city to relax and unwind. They come here to take a break from their daily life.

There are so many tensions and worries in the modern city life in developed world, like the United States, that people from all across the world come to the city in search of a peaceful vacation. This drives the demand and comparative cost of Costa Rica vacation rentals in this part of the country.

Cahuita is a perfect place for leisure stroll by the seaside. It is loved by people who want to leave their city lives and enjoy a serene stay in the city. The black sandy beaches of Cahuita present the city as a perfect gateway point to the international travelers, which has taken the demand for Costa Rica vacation rentals through the roof.

Black sandy beaches of Cahuita

Cahuita has black-sand beaches which look picture-perfect. These beaches are calm and peaceful, and meant for those who want to have a lazy vacation.

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People also come here for snorkeling and other water sports. Because of its aquatic life and colorful coral reef, snorkeling is very famous on Cahuita beaches. The idea time for snorkeling in the region is between March and May, and September and December.

For the water sports lovers who want to dive into the water and feel the force of water against their skin Playa Negra is a place to go to. It is considered to be a very good place for swimming. It is located right on the northwest end of Cahuita

Nature lovers can also visit Parque Nacional Cahuita, Cahuita national park as well as The Mariposario de Cahuites, which is a butterfly garden. These are ideal places to unwind.

Parque Nacional Cahuita

Parque Nacional Cahuita, Cahuita National Park, is one of the 12 most popular national parks in Costa Rica. It was created in 1970 to protect the coral reef in the region. The total land area of the national park is 1,067 hectares, and it protects aquatic life in 22,400 hectares of ocean as well.

The beauty of exotic marine life and colorful coral reef in Cahuita pull people from the world towards the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. This pushes the demand for Costa Rica beach rentals upward. If you are planning for a long vacation in the country, you should start looking for Costa Rica vacation rentals months in advance. That is only way to find a good deal.