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Why a Dessert Bar at Your Wedding Can Be Bad

Why a Dessert Bar at Your Wedding Can Be Bad

There is something magical about beach weddings. Even the low budgeted wedding ceremonies can appear grand and expensive if held along the shoreline. It’s like a natural venue, for the floor is the sand, the fa?�ade is the ocean, and the roof is the blue sky. What a perfect paradise that can surely make this important celebration of yours a memorable one. Beach weddings are spot-on couples who prefer intimate wedding ceremonies because it’s far from the busy city. If you are planning for such kind of wedding, you then have to pick the best beach location. Commercial beaches should be avoided because it is crowded with people and dessert bars. It will totally spoil your intimacy and may create hassles in your wedding celebration.

Since beaches are perfect for nightlife, many bars are crowding them. The worse thing about it is that the noise is deafening. The ratio of bars in an island may be enough not to give you a peaceful wedding or even a sweet honeymoon. Screaming, dancing and sometimes squabbles are the bad scenarios if you decided to wed in a commercialized beach.

A crammed beach is not a good idea. You will encounter difficulty with the beach amenities and also your venue might be limited. It will be expensive to rent the whole resort just to have the ease in all its facilities and to achieve serenity during the ceremony.

Troubles and hassles in your wedding along dessert bars don’t end with the noise and a huge crowd of people. You might grapple with problems with your guests who went on drinking in the bars all night and will attend your wedding while intoxicated the day after. Instead of concentrating on your romantic union, you will be bothered for your guests may cause irregularities in the wedding rites. The worst, if one of them is your Maid of Honor or probably your Best Men.

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Dessert bars at you wedding is not advisable if you want a stress-free wedding. Expect nuisances along your wedding just in case you had it in a commercialized beach flocked with bars. If you decided on a beach wedding, choosing the appropriate location should be the foremost thing to do. Go for Virgin Islands or less visited beaches where you can enjoy your privacy. You need not to deal with the noise from bars and the hassles that go with it.