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Disney Blizzard Beach: A Must-Visit Attraction in Orlando

Disney Blizzard Beach: A Must-Visit Attraction in Orlando

Orlando is widely known for its numerous attractions in and out of the main city, thus a lot of people prefer to spend a notable vacation in here. One of the mostly visited venues and considered a focal feature of the place is the eminent Disney Blizzard Beach.

Comfortably situated in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Blizzard Beach is a themed park and watery ambiance that is worth a valuable stopover. Unveiled on the 1st of April, 1995, it is deemed as the 3rd Walt Disney World Water Park. The most numbers of spectacular views and attractions are situated on top of the beautiful Mount Gushmore, ninety-feet tall and separated into three main slopes in distinct colors of red, green and purple.

The Red Slope – it is the slope that encompasses one major attraction widely known as the Runoff Rapids. The red slope is located in the back portion of the main park. Its main identification is manifested by a six-hundred feet tube run with one enclosed and the other two open tube slides.

The Green Slope – it is considered the most attractive among the three slopes. It consists of many nail biting rides including Slush Gusher and Summit Plummet. Apart from being the most eye-catching slope, the green slope is also deemed as the tallest body slide of the world, measuring a hundred and twenty feet tall. It is in this slope where some riders can even reach up to a speed of fifty-five mph. For riders who preferred a bit slower speed of thirty-five mph, the ninety feet body slide Slush Gusher would be a perfect spot for adventure.

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The Purple Slope – it is the slope that can be access from a path next to the Downhill Double Dipper, the world’s mere side-by-side racing slide. The height of fifty feet and length of two-hundred and thirty feet can truly make your heart wrench and pump your adrenaline. Aside from the Downhill Double Dipper, two other luring spots are situated in the purple slope namely the Toboggan Racers and Snow Stormers.

The slopes are not the only luring spots present in the place. Other spectacular sites encompass the ground level attractions such as the Chair Lift, Cross Country Creek, Meltaway Bay, Tike’s Peak and Ski Patrol.

The aforementioned attraction features as such with the Disney Blizzard Beach and the spectacular slopes are just few of the many reasons as to why a lot of people from other places across the globe choose Orlando, Florida as a primary travel destination. It is perfectly worth everyone’s precious visit.