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Florida Food Vacation for Your Tongue

Florida Food Vacation for Your Tongue

To tourists who regularly go on vacation to different destinations, every vacation is an opportunity to taste different types of exotic foods and a different culinary experience. For those who are fond of different types of food, a food vacation is certainly an enjoyable option.

Good food is something that sustains you and provides your system the essential nutrients you need. This apart, food is also delicious to your palette, your senses of taste and smell. Exploring the variety of culinary tastes and the local food specialties is often part of a complete food vacation.

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival take place in February every year. This celebration continues throughout an entire weekend and some of the most famous chefs in the nation are present at this festival.

The Great Taste of the Grove Festival in Coconut Grove is an annual affair and held in the month of January. The festival has a whole array of fine dining restaurants featuring all genres of cuisine. The local restaurants offer a delicious and diverse culinary experience for festival goers.

At the Florida Strawberry Festival, you can positively delight your palette with all kinds of unique strawberry creations. You will have opportunity to taste strawberries. This festival takes place during March and offers a variety of food and provides great entertainment.

Florida’s Lions Seafood and Music Festival is the right place to taste some of the best and fresh seafood available in t Florida. You can stroll around the festival and dance to the sound of live music and avail the freshly prepared seafood.

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If you are looking for the finest in culinary art, then check out the Boca Bacchanal in Boca Raton. This festival is known for the finest in food and wine and boasts some of the noted culinary chefs in the United States. It also presents internationally famous vintner from Italy, France, California, and South Africa. To enjoy some of the best food and wine in the world, go straight to Boca Raton.

Some festivals are held in one central location while others take participants to the area’s finest restaurants. For people planning a food vacation in Florida, the following calendar will be of great use.

Naples Winter Wine Festival and Food Network South Beach Food and Wine Festival during February,

Abilities Wine and Food Festival in March,

Tampa Bay and Sarasota’s Florida Winefest in April,

Tampa Bay Wine and Food Festival in May,

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival from September to November,

Safety Harbor Wine Festival and Colony Stone Crab Seafood and Wine Festival in November.

In addition to the annual food festivals, Florida has many other specialties to offer. Florida is a country known for its oranges. When you enter Florida from the north on one of the main roads, you will be welcomed with freshly squeezed orange juice in the Visitor Center at Highway.

Besides the oranges, you will find in abundance kumquat, papaya, kiwi and limes. These fruits are often used in fruit cocktails or offered as desserts in Florida. A specialty of Florida is the Key Lime Pie which are available everywhere in the Keys and at the Key Lime Pie Factory in Key West.

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Of all the sea foods of Florida, a specialty is the seasonal stone crab claws which are available from October to April. In Florida, you can get the small meat and fried fish chunks with spicy sauce at almost all places. You can also get spare ribs or steaks in every style you want, also in some unusual styles. The locals recommend Cuban and Caribbean cuisine. These dishes are usually served with beef or chicken and cook fried bananas, black beans and rice.